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near to the same as it can be obtained, as may be required to provide the necessary amount.

Article IV. The United States agrees at its own proper expence to construct, at some place on the Missouri river, near the centre of said reservation, where timber and water may be convenient, the following buildings, to wit: a warehouse, a store room for the use of the Agent in storing good belonging to the Indians, to cost not less than twenty five hundred dollars; an agency building for the residence of the Agent, to cost not exceeding three thousand dollars; a residence for the physician to cost not more then three thousand dollars, and five other buildings for a Carpenter, Farmer, Blacksmith, Miller and Engineer, each to cost not exceeding two thousand dollars; also a school house or Mission building so soon as a sufficient number of children can be induced by the Agent to attend school, which shall not cost exceeding five thousand dollars.

The United States agrees further to cause to be erected on said reservation, near the other buildings herein authorized, a good steam circular Saw-Mill, with a Grist Mill and Shingle Machine attatched to the same to cost not exceeding eight thousand dollars.

Article V. The United States agrees