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Of Government.

was here granted to Noah, was not granted to his ſons in common with him. His words are, As for the general community between Noah and his ſons, which Mr. Selden will have to be granted to them, ix. Gen. 2. the text doth not warrant it. What warrant our author would have, when the plain expreſs words of ſcripture, not capable of another meaning, will not ſatisfy him, who pretends to build wholly on ſcripture, is not eaſy to imagine. The text ſays, God bleſſed Noah and his ſons, and ſaid unto them, i. e. as our author would have it, unto him : for, ſaith he, although the ſons are there mentioned with Noah in the bleſſing, yet it may beſt be underſtood, with a ſubordination or benediction in ſucceſſion, Obſervations, 211. That indeed is beſt, for our author to be underſlood, which beſt ſerves to his purpoſe ; but that truly may beſt be underſtood by any body elſe, which beſt agrees with the plain conſtruction of the words, and ariſes from the obvious meaning of the place; and then with ſubordination and in ſucceſſion, will not be beſt underſtood, in a grant of God, where he himſelf put them not, nor mentions any ſuch limitation. But yet, our author has reaſons, why it may beſt be underfood ſo. The bleſſing, ſays he in the following words, might truly be fulfilled, if the ſons, either under or after their father, enjoyed a private dominion, Obfervations, 211. which is to ſay, that a grant, whoſe expreſs words give a joint title