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Of Government.

cerned not Noah himſelf at all ; for we read not of any children he had after the flood; and in the following chapter, where his poſterity is reckoned up, there is no mention of any; and ſo this benediction in ſucceſſion was not to take place till 350 years after : and to ſave our author's imaginary monarchy, the peopling of the world muſt be deferred 350 years ; for this part of the benediction cannot be underſtood with ſubordination, unleſs our author will ſay, that they muſt aſk leave of their father Noah to lie with their wives. But in this one point our author is conſtant to himſelf in all his diſcourſes, he takes great care there ſhould be monarchs in the world, but very little that there ſhould be people ; and indeed his way of government is not the way to people the world : for how much abſolute monarchy helps to fulfil this great and primary bleſſing of God Almighty, Be fruitful and multiply, and repleniſh the earth, which contains in it the improvement too of arts and ſciences, and the conveniences of life, may be ſeen in thoſe large and rich countries which are happy under the Turkiſh government, where are not now to be found one third, nay in many, if not moſt parts of them one thirtieth, perhaps I might ſay not one hundredth of the people, that were formerly, as will eaſily appear to any one, who will compare the accounts we have of it at