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Of Government.

that God would diſinherit him of his birth-right and make him of all men in the world the only tenant in common with his children? Obſervations, 211.

§. 36. The prejudices of our own ill-grounded opinions, however by us called probable, cannot authoriſe us to underſtand ſcripture contrary to the direct and plain meaning of the words. I grant, it is not probable, that Adam's private dominion was here abrogated : becauſe it is more than improbable, (for it will never be proved) that ever Adam had any ſuch private dominion ; and ſince parallel places of ſcripture are moſt probable to make us know how they may be beſt underſtood, there needs but the comparing this bleſſing here to Noah and his ſons after the flood, with that to Adam after the creation, i. Gen. 28. to aſſure any one that God gave Adam no fuch private dominion. It is probable, I confeſs, that Noah ſhould have the ſame title, the ſame property and dominion after the flood, that Adam had before it : but ſince private dominion cannot conſiſt with the bleſſing and grant God gave to him and his ſons in common, it is a ſufficient reaſon to conclude, that Adam had none, eſpecially ſince in the donation made to him, there are no words that expreſs it, or do in the leaſt favour it ; and then let my reader judge whether it may beſt be underſtood, when in the one place there is not one word for it, not to ſay what has been above proved, that