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Of Government.

the foundation of rule and dominion, as being poſſeſſor of all the land in the world; any of theſe being ſufficient to enable me to ſave a man's life, who would periſh if ſuch aſſiſtance were denied him; and any thing, by this rule, that may be an occaſion of working upon another's neceſſity, to ſave his life, or any thing dear to him, at the rate of his freedom, may be made a foundation of ſovereignty, as well as property. From all which it is clear, that though God ſhould have given Adam private dominion, yet that private dominion could give him no ſovereignty; but we have already ſufficiently proved, that God gave him no private dominion.


Of Adam's Title to Sovereignty by the Subjection of Eve.

§. 44.

THE next place of ſcripture we find our author builds his monarchy of Adam on, is iii. Gen. 26. And thy deſire ſhall be to thy huſband, and he ſhall rule over thee. Here we have (ſays he) the original grant of government, from whence he concludes, in the following part of the page, Obſervations, 244. That the ſupreme power is ſettled in the fatherhood, and limited to one kind of government, that is, to monarchy. For let his premiſes be what they will, this is always the concluſion; let rule, in any text, be but once named, and preſently abſolute mo-