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Members of the NASA Unidentified Anomalous
Phenomena Independent Study Team
Dr. David Spergel
Simons Foundation
Designated Federal Official
Dr. Daniel Evans
NASA Headquarters
Dr. Anamaria Berea
George Mason University

Capt. Scott Kelly, USN, Ret.
NASA Astronaut, Ret.
Dr. Federica Bianco
University of Delaware

Dr. Reggie Brothers
AE Industrial Partners

Dr. Paula Bontempi
University of Rhode Island

Dr. Jennifer Buss
Potomac Institute of Policy Studies

Dr. Nadia Drake
Science Journalist

Mr. Mike Gold
Redwire Space

Dr. David Grinspoon
Planetary Science Institute

Dr. Matt Mountain
Association of Universities
for Research and Astronomy

Mr. Warren Randolph
Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. Walter Scott
Maxar Technologies

Dr. Joshua Semeter
Boston University

Dr. Karlin Toner
Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. Shelley Wright
University of California, San Diego

Front and back cover photos: views of the earth as photographed
from the Earth-orbital Apollo 4 unmanned space mission.

All photos are from NASA unless otherwise indicated.