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Page:USBLS Bulletin 506; Handbook of American Trade-Unions (1929).djvu/67

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done in conjunction with blacksmith work, grinding pertaining to blacksmith work, benders, resetters, bath men, forgers, and finishers.

"(c) Putting on and taking off rubber tires, putting flanges on wheels, putting on and repairing bumpers, putting on and taking off wheels, putting on and riveting fiber of brake bands, putting on and taking off radius rods, putting on pyrene brackets, repairing and setting all axles, straightening and repairing of auto frames, putting on brackets for radiator, fitting up windshields, putting handles on doors, fitting handrails on back of auto, fitting up gongs. All drilling, filing, lining up wheels, adjusting brake rods, tip welding and tire setting, making and putting on license brackets, headlight brackets, making and putting on body iron.

"(d) All the foregoing, and in addition thereto any other work which does now or in the future may, as industries develop, fall naturally within the scope of the jurisdiction of blacksmiths, drop forgers, and helpers."

Government.—1. General president " shall have the direction and supervision of all subordinate and district lodges * * * and have full control of the work of the organization throughout the jurisdiction of the brotherhood."

General executive board consists of president, secretary-treasurer, and seven elected members, one of whom shall be a member of a local in Canada.

2. District council : Composed of delegates from all affiliated locals within a given district; affiliation compulsory. "Action by a district council in regulating the affairs of said district shall be final." Constitution dictated by international brotherhood.

Railroad councils: Composed of delegates from affiliated shops or locals. Affiliation compulsory. Constitution dictated by international brotherhood.

3. Local unions: Subordinate; constitution and by-laws dictated by international brotherhood.

4. Convention: Held quadrennially. Initiative, referendum, and recall. Nomination and election of general officers by referendum; constitutional amendments by initiative and referendum. Recall of officers provided for.

Qualifications for membership.—Any man who is a competent worker at any of the occupations embraced in the jurisdiction, " capable of earning the minimum wage established by the organization in his locality," is eligible to membership. Persons who are members " of the Industrial Workers of the World, State militia, miners' police, sheriffs office, police force, detective force, or secret-service force" are Ineligible. Any blacksmith "conducting a blacksmith shop and employing not to exceed three blacksmiths" may be admitted to membership.

Colored : ' 'Where there are a sufficient number of colored helpers they may be organized as an auxiliary local and shall be under the jurisdiction of the white local having jurisdiction over that territory. * * * Colored helpers shall not transfer except to another auxiliary local composed of colored members, and colored members shall not be promoted to blacksmiths or helper apprentices and will not be admitted to shops where white helpers are now employed."

Apprenticeship regulations.—"Any boy engaging himself to learn the trade of blacksmithing must serve four years. He shall in no case leave his employer without just cause. Any difficulty arising between the apprentice and his employer must be submitted to the shop committee.

"The following ratio of apprentices will be allowed: One to every five blacksmiths regularly employed.

"No boy shall begin to learn the trade until he is 16 years old nor after the age of 21 years.

"Apprentices who have served six months shall be eligible to membership.

"Local unions shall do all In their power to encourage the apprentice system."

Agreements.—Negotiated by district councils or local unions, approved by the general executive board. District councils and railroad system councils must establish a minimum wage rate, by constitutional requirement Contracts covering railroad workers are negotiated in conjunction with other railroad crafts.

Benefits. —Death.

Official organ.—International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, Drop Forgers, and Helpers' Bi-Monthly Journal.

Headquarters.—2922 Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Ill.67004°—29—5