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3. Local union: "All local unions shall have the right to compile constitutions and by-laws for their government, subject to the approval of the international president."
4. Convention: Held triennially; elects general officers and enacts legislation. Amendments to constitution by convention vote only. No referendum.
Qualifications for membership. — Any "trustworthy" person employed within the jurisdiction is eligible to membership.
Apprenticeship. — None.
Agreements. — Negotiated by local unions with individual employers on terms approved by the executive board before negotiations are begun. Railroad agreements negotiated in conjunction with Federated Shop Crafts.
Benefits. — Death ; strike donations.
Official organ. — Firemen and Oilers' Journal.
Headquarters. — 8611 North Twenty-fourth Street, Omaha, Nebr.
Organization. — State district unions: Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.
Local unions: United States — Alabama, 7; Arizona, 2; Arkansas, 17; California, 13; Colorado, 9; Connecticut, 3; Delaware, 1; District of Columbia, 2; Florida, 6; Georgia, 8; Idaho, 6; Illinois, 43; Indiana, 26; Iowa, 42; Kansas, 42; Kentucky, 26; Louisiana, 14; Maine, 10; Maryland, 6; Massachusetts, 24; Michigan, IS; Minnesota, 24; Mississippi, 14; Missouri, 31; Montana, 16; Nebraska, 16; Nevada, 1; New Hampshire, 6; New Jersey, 11; New Mexico, 8; New York, 42; North Carolina, 8; North Dakota, 14; Ohio, 33; Oklahoma, 17; Oregon, 7; Pennsylvania, 80; Rhode Island, 2; South Carolina, 12; South Dakota, 10; Tennessee, 15; Texas, 38; Utah, 6; Virginia, 28; Vermont, 2; Washington, 13; Wisconsin, 18; West Virginia, 31; Wyoming, 7. Canada — Manitoba, 1; New Brunswick, 2; Nova Scotia, 1; Ontario, 23; Prince Edward Island, 2; Quebec, 6. Total, 820.
Membership. — 17,000.

Foundry Employees, International Brotherhood of

Affiliated to the American Federation of Labor.
Organized in St. Louis, Mo., on March 26, 1904, from a number of local unions directly affiliated to the American Federation of Labor.
Objects — Not declared.
Territorial jurisdiction. — United States and posesslons and Canada.
Trade jurisdiction. — "All molders' helpers, cupola tenders, melters, furnace men, chippers, steel workers, casting cleaners, gangway men, yardmen, cranemen, flask makers, blackeners, craters, sand cutters, shaker-outs, flask sorters, pattern carriers, shippers and shipper helpers, cast-iron and steel-enamel workers, and all others employed in or around foundries and not covered by other legitimate jurisdiction."
Government. — International executive board, composed of president, five vice presidents, and secretary-treasurer.
2. Local unions: "Each local union may have local autonomy In the making of necessary laws for the governing of their local union, which must not conflict with the laws of the international brotherhood."
3. Convention: Meets triennially ; legislates for body and elects general officers. No referendum.
Qualifications for membership. — Any person employed within the jurisdiction as defined above is eligible to membership.
Agreements. — Negotiated locally by agreement committees of local unions, but subject to approval by the international brotherhood.
Apprenticeship. — None.
Benefits. — Strike and lockout; death.
Official organ. — None.
Headquarters. — 218 1/2 North Tremont Street, Kewanee, Ill.
Organization. — Local unions only: Illinois, 4; Iowa, 1; Louisiana, 1; Missouri, 4; Montana, 1; New Jersey, 1; New York, 3; Pennsylvania, 3; Tennessee, 1; Hawaii, 1. Total, 20.
Membership. - 3,500.