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When she came to the hill all the sheep to her came,
All bleating aad treating her love to obtain.

The old ram she call'd Andrew and Sally his dame
Both Johnny and Charlotte knew their own name
When she wanted to stay upon any green plain,
She says you'll stay he e till I come again.

With a humble submission they always do so,
And when she long tarries they all mourning do go,
With a hnmble submission they bleat in her face,
Sure there not such a token in the whole human race.

She wander'd thro' England, to Scotland she came,
You true lover's controllers you see what's their doom,
The shepherd's no more and her father soon dy'd,
For the loss of his daughter and the murder beside.

If I would return to my father's bright hall,
I might live in splendour but that I ne'er will,
She says I will wander till death end the strife,
Lamenting for my shepherd all the days of my life.


SLOW broke the light and sweet breath'd the more,

When a maiden I saw sitting under a thorn,