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AI Cum ruled and decreed in the 1783. •••·v`) May Seilion, 178 3. ' A I 1*-—• . Run Appellee and the ST°°°n‘D’ APP°umt’ lv"'/u,gSCh00¤¢;SQJIRRE;. andCargo. N motionoftbe A pellant’s Counfel before ana ranee Q filed onbehalfofr the Appellee, llating that mprize - ooner was in a perilhing condition, it was ordered, Br me Comvr. That the Schooner, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, be_fold at public aufkion, to the higheil: bidder, fortbeufe ofthofeto whomthe fameihallbelinally decreed.

_ May Seilion, 1784.. •-- -- . mm, 4. aL Appeuam, wml,} tf°f,f°f°;Pif1'§"m• HIS was an appeal from the Admiralty of the State of Rhode-[/land, where the Schooner had been condemned asprize; and the record was fubrnitted to the decilion of the Court, without argument. On the 24xb of May, 1784,. Gius- 1=ru,Rur>, and owsu., the preliding Commillioners, deli- vered the following judgment : Br was Couwr. It appearing, by the infpeétion of the re- cord, that the Schooner in queilion, was captured from the Brir_gd», lince the operation of tb: preliminary articles of peace, (to wir on the day of ) the condemna- tion cdnnot be fulkained. Decree reverfed. Jley