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PRE-EMPTION. $i;_¤··¤¤¤f=¤ f¤M|¤=1·=1¤¤¤=·9·;¢ See Ru! yale. _ scc Wah- ' PREL'l£‘g'é*§'°S °' xucocmzmcz. scc A . ,' See muonrrv o. °1>12BTs. R*·;E1}';§§'i____E· 'be


.,§;.....,, .'.?‘”£;..“.L'..."Z‘. W2.; REMMNDER. · PRN AT1:} LR. $¤= E*··¢7¤··- ga 4“;,,y,_ ];!q,;.g,y;,_ REMl'1'I`I'1‘ UR. PRIZE. see Aha. . · PRIZE-1•dO§EY. s¤e.:.·zs.... Mya., .... §§5'c""g§'§j RESTITUJFION. sec Pnnkh FJ".] Gunn .Un.l¤· what Qrcnmlktnceathe Court f_§°’{*$$QRY Nf;£_;S· H".....f"r°I.l.'.'i£3f..Z.°.l.'If'§£.°3'¥.'l`$’.¥I.‘Z Pl{O,’I$;g'i,· paiklian was . ac;. 6. se Idi""" I Sec Eder:] Curt:. Pr¤Hi¢e. REAL ESTATES. · Tm .··¤··· ·¢ ·=·~· =·-.··». .£€¥.’}.*?.."G$f,‘2.%,. spplies only ro real eilateg no: SEALS ` dnt . ‘ 1....;} we mma .. .1.....1. K.- $== M"' *·'··¤’·· dw P*Y“‘“* •' •*¢l>¤ i¤ P¢¤¤fv|¤¤i¤. SEQTQESTRATION. and may be taken in mee.-ution nn a Pi. sc, ;,·";b,_ Ia. direéed tn the Sberif to levy nf SERvANT_ um:-I] alléludh kc. 9* Z9:. ·° Ste IQ/Ver unl Szrwnt What ecnilitntev a fettlement, or . .. ' hnprnvunent, right on lands in Penn- Sh I 'O‘° F- fylvanla, and vella a pre·emptl¤n under $°¢ D*fW¢¤*;•¤· •1.eaA¤lMfc¤nbly. 98. 9. 11.9. ae;. · SE'I'I‘LE]_uEN*1‘_ Whatjudgtnmts and executions are scc Rm] F im Ending on linda of n bau1ltn1pt· :59. ° _ A judgment ¤ft:efSupr¤nel(€·¤nn, scc E E, R ;Fj, M m e r c Sidi.! II• M . I €?..T.fI'E.° ."...§'.. .."Z" .‘§Z...Z‘..Z3I s1..mma1t.