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e ' a ustiee e · Z . Peeee merelyon the attestation alla" gig;$i·P*“Ym°°’°°t°d’ ang I: witness, on an indictment Err forging Under what circumstances nresidu- mmm ° "cnau hg ¤ag.Legatee will be admiwed a vg;. Anwlgeptm ali hud., MQ". The Plaintilf in a good wimeae w P°t€“° '"°'°'?*° P'°'° . ° °°'!°‘°¥' pm¤emeae.m¤{m°:;:b.¤rm..g wat. fs? °"” "¤“°“ •¤*‘*°¤*! Wg; to Deed, in t ` °- . . . $$1. Ju., »....d.w.m.Z,T’ HH'; w*m·=;;°,;*g;d·e ·t;¤¤¤·w*e¤* my- Whether a nomanal Plnintifh or a PHC timwb:. . ° pd" maui: meve Trustee, can be a witness in the lssohgnt hw. dachuged wa. °°u°°' 172 i' M" A Broker ish witness to The 'ndorsor the ori `nal pa -·.. mm who had beconie a bankgilpt, is nhic; {gz; giufulucl mm fu % witness to prove, the want ofconside- {he In- ohm nah ration, in an action by the indoraee owed .n the lim fumilhed -|{P°'] ·¢·*···*=*·=·**·*·=- *9* :.»,¤·' um ...¤¤.....°.`im¤ Modifications of the rule, that a mthelgihlmeno ' II . di witness shall not be admitted to con- un lm cm". 342..;:: tradiet, orexplain, his own deed, or ' Su Evidence Than" instrument. 196. 7. WORDS A Guardian who had given a re- ' eeape, vm admitted as a wamm, up. $¢= $!¤¤*r- T*¢¤{¤··- -¥·¢:¤! Ruv- on being released. 196, •¤¤¤¢¤'¤¢•· _A jew refusing to be sworn as a WRIT O! ERROR. vntnesa on his sabbath (Saturday) gg? See Practice. lrrut gf §'udg·¤us¢.