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101 STAT. 1329-238
101 STAT. 1329-238
PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-202—DEC. 22, 1987

101 STAT. 1329-238


For necessary expenses of range rehabilitation, protection, and improvement, 50 per centum of all moneys received during the prior fiscal year, as fees for grazing domestic livestock on lands in National Forests in the sixteen Western States, pursuant to section 401(b)(l) of Public Law 94-579, as amended, to remain available until expended, of which not to exceed 6 percent shall be available for administrative expenses associated with on-the-ground range rehabilitation, protection, and improvements. MISCELLANEOUS TRUST FUNDS

For expenses authorized by 16 U.S.C. 1643(b), $90,000 to remain available until expended, to be derived from the fund established pursuant to the above Act. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS, FOREST SERVICE

Appropriations to the Forest Service for the current fiscal year shall be available for: (a) purchase of not to exceed 186 passenger motor vehicles of which nine will be used primarily for law enforcement purposes and of which 179 shall be for replacement only, of which acquisition of 157 passenger motor vehicles shall be from excess sources, and hire of such vehicles; operation and maintenance of aircraft, the purchase of not to exceed two for replacement only, and acquisition of 50 aircraft from excess sources; notwithstanding other provisions of law, existing aircraft being replaced may be sold, with proceeds derived or trade-in value used to offset the purchase price for the replacement aircraft; (b) services pursuant to the second sentence of section 706(a) of the Organic Act of 1944 (7 U.S.C. 2225), and not to exceed $100,000 for employment under 5 U.S.C. 3109; (c) uniform allowances for each uniformed employee of the Forest Service, not in excess of $400 annually; (d) purchase, erection, and alteration of buildings and other public improvements (7 U.S.C. 2250); (e) acquisition of land, waters, and interests therein, pursuant to the Act of August 3, 1956 (7 U.S.C. 428a); (f) for expenses pursuant to the Volunteers in the National Forest Act of 1972 (16 U.S.C. 558a, 558d, 558a note); and (g) for debt collection contracts in accordance with 31 U.S.C. 3718(c). None of the funds made available under this Act shall be obligated or expended to change the boundaries of any region, to abolish any region, to move or close any regional office for research. State and private forestry, or National Forest System administration of the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, without the consent of the House and Senate C!!ommittees on Appropriations and the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry in the United States Senate and the Committee on Agriculture in the United States House of Representatives. Any appropriations or funds available to the Forest Service may be advanced to the National Forest System appropriation for the emergency rehabilitation of burned-over lands under its jurisdiction. Appropriations and funds available to the Forest Service shall be available to comply with the requirements of section 313(a) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. 1323(a)). The appropriation structure for the Forest Service may not be altered without advance approval of the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations.