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101 STAT. 1330-40
101 STAT. 1330-40
PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

101 STAT. 1330-40


Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

4021. 4022. 4023. 4024. 4025. 4026. 4027.

Conditions of participation for home health agencies. Standard and extended survey. Enforcement. •* Requirement that individual be confined to home. Home health toll-free hotline and investigative unit. Home health agency cost limits. Home health prospective payment demonstration project.

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Sec. 4031. Payment cycle standards. Sec. 4032. Denials and reconsiderations of claims for home health services, extended care services, and post-hospital extended care services. Sec. 4033. Permitting disabled individuals to renew entitlement to medicare after gainful employment without a 2-year waiting period. Sec. 4034. Application of secondary payer provisions to governmental entities. Sec. 4035. Publication and notification of policies. Sec. 4036. End-stage renal disease amendments. Sec. 4037. Medicare hearings and appeals.

. ' , Sec. 4038. Rural health medical education demonstration project. Sec. 4039. Miscellaneous and technical provisions. •, * -S. ,;


Sec. 4041. Freeze in payments for physicians' services; extension of sequester order. Sec. 4042. General update in payments for physicians' services. Sec. 4043. Incentive payments for physicians' services furnished in underserved areas. Sec. 4044. Adjustment in prevailing charge level for primary care services. Sec. 4045. Reduction in prevailing charge level for overpriced procedures. Sec. 4046. Limits on payment for ophthalmic ultrasound. Sec. 4047. Customary charges for primary care services of new physicians...,y.^.. Sec. 4048. Payment for physician anesthesia services. i tk Sec. 4049. Fee schedules for radiologist services. f x Sec. 4050. Fee schedules for physician pathology services. Sec. 4051. Elimination of markup for certain purchased services. Sec. 4052. Collection of past-due amounts owed by physicians who breached contracts under the National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program. ' Sec. 4053. Elimination of 1975 floor for prevailing physician charges. • ° Sec. 4054. Application of maximum allowable actual charge (MAAC).

  • ' Sec. 4055. Applying copayment and deductible to certain outpatient physicians'

services. • * Sec. 4056. Physician payment studies. SUBPART B—PROVISIONS RELATING TO PAYMENTS FOR OTHER SERVICES

Sec. 4061. Extension of reduction for other part B items and services payments under sequester order. Sec. 4062. Payments for durable medical equipment, prosthetic devices, orthotics, and prosthetics. Sec. 4063. Payment for intraocular lenses. Sec. 4064. Clinical diagnostic laboratory tests. " *.I'M-- •• S S Sec. 4065. Return on equity payments to outpatient departments. Sec. 4066. Payments to hospital outpatient departments for radiology. Sec. 4067. Updating maximum rate of payment per visit for independent rural health clinics. Sec. 4068. Payment for ambulatory surgery at eye, and eye and ear, specialty hospitals. SUBPART C—ELIGIBILITY AND BENEFITS CHANGES

Sec. 4070. Coverage of mental health services. .p vt; j ': Sec. 4071. Coverage of influenza vaccine and its administration. Sec. 4072. Payment for therapeutic shoes for individuals with severe diabetic foot disease. Sec. 4073. Coverage of certified nurse-midwife services. , ^^ » Copy read "Sec. 4052.". '"Copy read "Sec. 4053.". ' ' Copy read "Sec. 4054.". »» Copy read "Sec. 4055.".