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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2094

PUBLIC LAW 100-456—SEPT. 29, 1988 Naval Station, Treasure Island, San Francisco, $5,000,000. Naval Submarine Base, San Diego, $3,150,000. Naval Supply Center, Oakland, $1,550,000. Naval Supply Center, San Diego Annex, North Island, $1,695,000. Naval Training Center, San Diego, $7,980,000. Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, $12,260,000. Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, $13,890,000. Navy Public Works Center, San Diego, $500,000. Navy Public Works Center, San Francisco, $15,810,000. Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, $20,470,000. Personnel Support Activity, San Diego, $1,180,000. Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity, San Diego, $10,720,000. Submarine Training Facility, San Diego, $10,301,000. CONNECTICUT

Naval Security Group Activity, Groton, $1,170,000. Naval Submarine Base, New London, $6,660,000. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Commandant, Naval District Washington, $38,100,000. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, $19,800,000. FLORIDA

Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval Naval

Air Station, Cecil Field, $340,000. Air Station, Jacksonville, $8,810,000. Air Station, Key West, $850,000. Air Station, Pensacola, $25,600,000. Aviation Depot, Jacksonville, $14,180,000. Hospital, Pensacola, $2,250,000. Legal Service Office, Mayport, $1,450,000. Station, Mayport, $3,060,000. Supply Center, Pensacola, $2,640,000. Technical Training Center, Pensacola, $2,840,000. Training Center, Orlando, $23,810,000. GEORGIA

Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, $5,740,000. Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, $56,330,000. HAWAII

Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, $24,270,000. Naval Legal Service Office, Pearl Harbor, $2,380,000. Naval Station, Pearl Harbor, $8,370,000. Naval Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor, $11,250,000. Naval Submarine Training Center, Pacific, Pearl $1,780,000. Naval Supply Center, Pearl Harbor, $8,350,000. Navy Public Works Center, Pearl Harbor, $3,760,000. ILUNOIS

Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, $3,440,000. Naval Public Works Center, Great Lakes, $1,930,000.