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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 1116 Sec Sec. Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec

PUBLIC LAW 100-418—AUG. 23, 1988 S203. 5204. 5205. 5206. 5207. 5208. 5209. 5210.

Counca established. Duties of the CoundL Iftanbership. Executive Diiecfan- and staff. Powers of the CoandL Annual r^mrt. Authorizatiimaf ai^n^niations. Definitions.

Subtitle D—Federal Budget Cnnpetitivimess Impact Statement Sec 5301. President's annual budget sulmilasion. S e c 5302. Annual concurrent restdutiMi on the budget. S e c 5303. Effective date. Subtitle E—Trade Data, Impact, and Studies PAST I—NATIONAI, TRAIW DATA BANK

Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec

5401. 5402. 5403. 5404. 5405. 5406. 5407. 5408. 5409. 5410. 5411. 5412. 5413.

D^mitirais. Interagatcy IVade Data Advisory Committee. Fimctimis^ the Committee. Consultation witii the private sector and Government oCBdals. Coc^ieration among Executive agencies. EBtablidmmtt of the Data Bank. Operation (rf^ the Data Bank. Ii^twniation on the service secbn-. Exclusion (tf information. N<mduplicati(m. Collection of data. Fees and access. Bqxnt to Congress. PAKT n—IMPACT STATKIIEMTB AND STUDDSB

Sec 5 ^ 1. CmnpetitivoiesB impact stat^nents. Sec 5422. Study and rep(»t by the AdvisMy Council <m Fedravl Participation in Sematech. S e c 5423. Impact of nati<»al defimse expenditures on international competitiveTTTLE VI—EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR AlCERICAN COMPETITIVENESS S e c 600L Short title. Sec 6002. Findings and purpose. Sec 6003. Definitions. S e c 6004. General provisimis. Subtitie A—Eiemaatary and Secondary Education CBAPTBB. 1—MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE

S e c 6005. Mathematics and science educati<m reauthoriaed. C^APTEB 2—ADULT LREBACT

Sec Sec Sec Sec

6011. 6012. 6013. 6014.

Workplace literacy partnerships grants. English literaqr grants. literacy coordination. Applic^ility provision. CbAPRB 3—FMOIGN LANGUAGES SUBCHAPIBR A - ^ O B E i G N LANGUAGE ASSISTANCB

Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec Sec

6021. 6022. 6023. 6024. 6025. 6026.

aiort title. Findings. Program authtKiaed. Allotmrat. Definitions. Authoricatifm of appropriations. SUBCHAFTEK B—PSESIDBNTIAL AWAKD POK LANGUAGES

Sec 6027. Presidmtial awards. Sec 6028. Administrative provisions. S e c 6029. Authwization of appropriations.