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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-418—AUG. 23, 1988

102 STAT. 1381

ending on December 31, 1986. The analysis should include an assessment of the impact of the various forms of debt restructuring on the development of a secondary market in developing country debt and on the safety and soundness of the United States banking system, (c) REPORT REQUIRED.—Within 6 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation shall transmit to the Congress a report containing the findings and conclusions of such agencies with respect to the study required under subsection (a), together with any recommendations concerning legislation which such agencies determine to be necessary or appropriate to remove regulatory obstacles to negotiated reductions in the debt service obligations associated with sovereign debt. SEC. 3123. LIMITED PURPOSE SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS FOR THE POOREST HEAVILY INDEBTED COUNTRIES. (a) STUDY REQUIRED.—

(1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the directors and staff of the International Monetary Fund and such other interested parties as the Secretary may determine to be appropriate, shall conduct a study of the feasibility and the efficacy of reducing the international debt of the poorest of the heavily indebted countries through a one-time allocation by the International Monetary Fund of limited purpose Special Drawing Rights to such countries in accordance with a plan which provides that— (A) the allocation be made without regard to the quota established for any such country under the Articles of Agreement of the Fund; (B) limited purpose Special Drawing Rights be used only to repay official debt of any such country; (C) the allocation of limited purpose Special Drawing Rights to any such country not be treated as an allocation on which such country must pay interest to the Fund; and (D) the use of limited purpose Special Drawing Rights by any such country to repay officisd debt shall be treated as an allocation of regular Special Drawing Rights to the creditor. (2) ADDITIONAL FACTORS TO BE STUDIED.—The study required under paragraph (1) shall include the following: (A) To the extent the creation and allocation of the limited purpose Special Drawing Rights described in paragraph (1) would require an amendment of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund, an assessment of the period of time within which such amendment could be ratified by the member nations, based on discussions with the major members of the Fund. (B) An assessment of other means for achieving the objectives of principal and interest reduction on official debt of the poorest heavily indebted countries through the use of Special Drawing Rights. (C) A comparative evaluation of proposals of other members of the International Monetary Fund, the directors and staff of the Fund, and other interested parties. (D) An analysis of the effect the implementation of the provisions in paragraph (1) would have on bilateral and