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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 1998

National Guard.

PUBLIC LAW 100-456—SEPT. 29, 1988

"(i) Development and acquisition of special operationspeculiar equipment. "(ii) Acquisition of special operations-peculiar material, supplies, and services."; (6) by striking out "(3) Subject to" and inserting in lieu thereof "(B) Subject to"; (7) by striking out "paragraph (IXG)" and inserting in lieu thereof "subparagraph (A)"; and (8) by designating the sentence beginning "The staff of the commander" as subparagraph (C). SEC. 713. STRATEGIC AIR DEFENSE ALERT MISSION (a) LIMITATION.—Except as provided in subsection (b)(2), the Secretary of the Air Force may not make any change in the alert status of any Air National Guard unit in the strategic air defense mission in the northern portion of the United States, or in the deployment of units assigned to that mission, from that status and deployment as in effect on April 10, 1988. OD) REPORT.—(1) After the North Warning System and the Overthe-Horizon Backscatter Radar System are deployed and in operation as replacements for the Distant Early Warning (DEW line) system, the Secretary of Defense, acting through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall submit to Congress a report on those systems. The report shall— (A) describe the implementation of those systems and their operational capability and effectiveness as demonstrated up to the time of the report; (B) describe plans, in light of those new systems, for the forward deployment of the interceptor aircraft from United States bases during periods of heightened international tension; and (C) clarify the alert status in the strategic air defense mission, under those new systems, of elements of the Air Force (including elements of the reserve components) at Air Force bases in the northern portions of the United States. (2) The limitation in subsection (a) shall cease to apply 180 days after the date on which Congress receives the report required by paragraph (1). (c) INTERIM REPORT.—Not later than February 1, 1989, the Secretary of Defense, acting through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall submit to Congress a report setting forth in detail each of the following: (1) A description of the radar surveillance system and the alert cuid non-alert interceptor aircraft which will be available during each of fiscal years 1989, 1990, and 1991 along the northern border of the United States to carry out the strategic air defense mission. (2) A description of the specific contributions to the strategic air defense mission expected to be made by the units identified in subsection (a) during each of those fiscal years. (3) A specific recommendation as to whether the limitation in subsection (b) should be renewed and made permanent after fiscal year 1989.