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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 3006




15 USC 644 note.

15 USC 644 note.

PUBLIC LAW 100-590—NOV. 3, 1988

filing of the appeal, the Administration shall require each agency and department having procurement powers to take such action as may be appropriate to alleviate economic injury sustained or likely to be sustained by the concern. "(5) Each agency and department having procurement powers shall report to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy each time a contract subject to paragraph (2)(A) is entered into, and shall include in its report the amount of the next higher bid submitted by a for-profit small business concern. The Office of Federal Procurement Policy shall collect data reported under the preceding sentence through the Federal procurement data system and shall report to the Administration which shall notify all such agencies and departments when the maximum amount of awards authorized under paragraph (2)(A) has been made during any fiscal year. "(6) For the purpose of this subsection, a contract may be awarded only if at least 75 per centum of the direct labor performed on each item being produced under the contract in the sheltered workshop or performed in providing each type of service under the contract by the sheltered workshop is performed by handicapped individuals.. (b) REPORT.—Not later than September 30, 1992, the General Accounting Office shall prepare a report describing the impact that contracts awarded under section 15(c) of the Small Business Act have had on for-profit small business concerns for fiscal years 1989 through 1991. The report shall be transmitted to the Committees on Small Business of the Senate and the House of Representatives. (c) TASK FORCE.—There is established within the Small Business Administration a task force on purchases from the blind and severely handicapped which shall consist of one representative of the small business community appointed by the Administrator of the Small Business Administration and one individual knowledgeable in the affiars of or experienced in the work of sheltered workshops appointed by the Executive Director of the Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped established under the first section of the Act entitled "An Act to create a Committee on Purchases of Blind-made Products, and for other purposes", approved June 25, 1938 (41 U.S.C. 46). The task force shall meet at least once every six months for the purpose of reviewing the award of contracts under section 15(c) of the Small Business Act and recommending to the Small Business Administration such administrative or statutory changes as it deems appropriate. SEC. 134. MISCELLANEOUS AMENDMENTS.


Section 21 of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 648) is amended— (1) by striking "Deputy Associate Administrator for Management Assistance" each place it appears in subsection (g) and inserting in lieu thereof "Associate Administrator for Small Business Development Centers"; (2) by striking in subsection (g) "the Associate Administrator for Management Assistance" and inserting "an official who is not more than one level below the Office of the Administrator"; and (3) by inserting the following at the end of subsection (k): "After the administration has entered a contract, either as a grant or a cooperative agreement, with any applicant under this section, it shall not suspend, terminate or fail to renew or extend any such contract unless the Administration provides the applicant with written notification setting forth the reasons