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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988



Proclamations—Continued Public Buildings Amendments of Special observances—Continued 1988 Polish American Heritage Month...918, Public Buildings and Grounds: 5069 Alan Bible Federal Building, NV, Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, designation 1988 5024 C. Clifton Young Federal Building and Pregnancy and Infant Loss United States Courthouse, NV, Awareness Month 3923 designation Public Service Recognition Week 458 Charles F. Prevedel Federal Building, Religious Freedom Week 1772,5066 MO, designation Run To Daylight Day 42,4973 Claude Denson Pepper Building, DC, Save Your Vision Week, 1988 4958 designation Small Business Week, 1988 4953 Dan Daniel Post Office Building, VA, Take Pride in America Month 587,5025 designation . Thanksgiving Day, 1988 5043 Department of the Interior and Uncle Sam Day 3340 Related Agencies Appropriations United Nations Day, 1988 5085 Act, 1989 United States Marshals Dominick V. Daniels Postal Facility, Bicentennial Day 4081 NJ, designation United States-Canada Days of Peace Ed Jones Federal Building and United and Friendship 818, 5037 States Courthouse, TN, Veterans Day, 1988 5081 designation Vocational-Technical Education Edward Thaxter Gignoux United Week 3019 States Courthouse, ME, Week of Remembrance of designation Kristallnacht 3319 Edward Zorinsky Federal Building, White Cane Safety Day, 1988 5082 NE, designation Women's Equality Day, 1988 5049 Federal Energy Management Women's History Month 26,4962 Improvement Act of 1988 World Food Day 1900,5073 Federal Property Management World Trade Week, 1988 5001 Improvement Act of 1988 Year of New Sweden, 1988 4938 Gene Taylor Post Office Building, MO, Year of the Young Reader 3924 designation Youth 2000 Week, 1988 5056 General Accounting Office Building, Tariffstransfer of authority Brazil, duty rate increases 5086 General Earl T. O'Loughlin Library, Cheese imports, quantitative MI, designation limitations 5030 Gus J. Solomon United States European Community, increase on Courthouse, OR, designation certain products 4942 H.R. Gross Post Office Building, lA, Generalized System of Preferences, designation amendments 4937,4941,4974,4998 Health Omnibus Programs Extension Modifications 4968 of 1988 Prompt Payment Act Amendments of Indian education amendments 1988 2455 Indian Self-Determination and Property. See Gifts and Property; Real Education Assistance Act Property. Amendments of 1988 Protection and Advocacy for Mentally James Domengeaux Post Office 111 Individuals Act of 1986, Building, LA, designation amendments 2543 James J. Howard Sciences Protection and Advocacy for Mentally Laboratory, NJ, designation 111 Individuals Amendments Act of 1988 2543 James T. Foley United States Courthouse, NY, designation Protection of Public Property Act, John C. Stennis Space Center, MS, amendments 4052, 4053 designation Proxmire Act, The. See Genocide Convention Implementation Act of John Dent Post Office Building, PA, 1987. designation Public Availability. See Public John J. Duncan Federal Building, TN, Information. designation Public Buildings Act of 1959, John O. Holly Building of the U.S. amendments 4049-4051 Postal Service, OH, designation


4049 665 3027 3026 1680 962 1774 2547 2542 879 666 3185 3180 586 2727 1918 2723 38 3048 1603 2285 2437 2563 2434 4083 2437 828

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