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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-460—OCT. 1, 1988

102 STAT. 2253

planning, information and education, and program monitoring and evaluation: Provided, That the Soil Conservation Service shall provide technical assistance and the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service shall provide administrative services for the program, including but not limited to, the negotiation and administration of agreements and the disbursement of payments: Provided further. That such program shall be coordinated with the regular Agricultural Conservation Program and with research programs of other agencies. CONSERVATION RESERVE PROGRAM (INCLUDING TRANSFERS OF FUNDS)

For necessary expenses to carry out the conservation reserve program pursuant to the Food Security Act of 1985 (16 U.S.C. 38313845), $1,864,000,000, to remain available until expended, to be used for Conmiodity Credit Corporation expenditures for cost-share assistance for the establishment of conservation practices, for annual rental payments, and for technical assistance: Provided, That 4 per centum of the funds available for the conservation reserve program in this Act, but not to exceed $61,461,000, shall be available for payment to technicians of the Soil Conservation Service for services in carrying out the conservation programs of the Food Security Act of 1985: Provided further. That none of the funds in this Act may be used to enter into new contracts that are in excess of the prevailing local rental rates for an acre of comparable land: Provided further. That not to exceed $385,000,000 of the funds in this Act, or otherwise made available by this Act, shall be available to provide cost share assistance on crop year 1989 acreage during fiscal year 1989; for the purposes of section 202 of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Reaffirmation Act of 1987 (Public Law 100-119, September 29, 1987), to the extent that this proviso has the effect of transferring an outlay of the United States from one fiscal year to an adjacent fiscal year, such transfer is a necessary (but secondary) result of a significant policy change. TITLE III—DOMESTIC FOOD PROGRAMS OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR FOOD AND CONSUMER SERVICES

For necessary salaries and expenses of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Food and Consumer Services to administer the laws enacted by the Congress for the Food and Nutrition Service and the Human Nutrition Information Service, $406,000. FOOD A N D NUTRITION SERVICE CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAMS (INCLUDING TRANSFERS OF FUNDS)

For necessary expenses to carry out the National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. 1751-1769b), and the applicable provisions other than sections 3 and 17 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (42 US.C. 17731785, and 1788-1789); $4,590,816,000, to remain available through September 30, 1990, of which $497,544,000 is hereby appropriated and $4,093,272,000 shall be derived by transfer from funds available