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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-526—OCT. 24, 1988

102 STAT. 2631


(a) IN GENERAL.—As part of each annual budget request for the Department of Defense, the Secretary shall transmit to the appropriate committees of Congress— (1) a schedule of the closure and realignment actions to be carried out under this title in the fiscal year for which the request is made and an estimate of the total expenditures required and cost savings to be achieved by each such closure and realignment and of the time period in which these savings are to be achieved in each case, t(^ether with the Secretary's assessment of the environmental effects of such actions; and (2) a description of the mihtary installations, including those under construction and those planned for construction, to which functions are to be transferred as a result of such closures and realignments, together with the Secretary's assessment of the environmental effects of such transfers. (b) STUDY.—(1) The Secretary shall conduct a study of the military installations of the United States outside the United States to determine if efficiencies can be realized through closure or realignment of the overseas base structure of the United States. Not later than October 15, 1988, the Secretary shall transmit a report of the findings and conclusions of such study to the Commission and to the Conmiittees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives. In developing its recommendations to the Secretary under this title, the Conunission shall consider the Secretary's study. (2) Upon request of the Commission, the Secretary shall provide the Commission with such information about overseas bases as may be helpful to the Commission in its deUberations. (3) "The Commission, based on its analysis of military installations in the United States and its review of the Secretary's study of the overseas base structure, may provide the Secretary with such comments and suggestions as it considers appropriate regarding the Secretary's study of the overseas base structure. SEC 207. FUNDING

(a) ACCOUNT.—(1) There is hereby established on the books of the Treasury an account to be known as the Department of Defense Base Closure Account" which shall be administered by the Secretary as a single account. (2) There shall be deposited into the Account— (A) funds authorized for and appropriated to the Account with respect to fiscal year 1990 and fiscal years beginning thereafter; (B) any funds that the Secretary may, subject to approval in an appropriation Act, transfer to the Account from funds appropriated to the Department of Defense for any purpose, except that such funds may be transferred only after the date on which the Secretary transmits written notice of, and justification for, such transfer to the appropriate committees of Congress; and (C) proceeds described in section 2040t>X4XA). (3)(A) The Secretary may use the funds in the Account only for the purposes described in section 204(a). (B) When a decision is made to use funds in the Account to carry out a construction project under section 204(a)(l) and the cost of the project will exceed the maximum amount authorized by law for a minor construction project, the Secretary shall notify in writing the appropriate committees of Congress of the nature of, and justifica-