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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-557—OCT. 28, 1988

102 STAT. 2793


Until the facilities authorized in this title are constructed and in Appropriation operation, and as an interim measure to provide flow augmentation authorization. of the Umatilla River for anadromous fishery resources, funds are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary, through the end of fiscal year 1998, to provide for interim operation and maintenance of existing pumps or other facilities for the purpose of providing flow augmentation for anadromous fish. SEC. 207. NON-FEDERAL COSTS. (a) CREDIT FOR NON-FEDERAL FISHERY RESOURCE IMPROVEMENTS.—

The Umatilla Basin Project authorized by this title is a Federal action to improve streamflow and fish passage conditions and shall be considered part of a comprehensive program to restore the Umatilla River basin anadromous fishery resource. Related fishery resource improvement facilities which utilize funding sources under the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act of 1980 (94 Stat. 2697) and programs of the State of Oregon and other entities shall be consolidated in any final calculation of required cost sharing. (b) TREATMENT OF NON-FEDERAL COSTS INCURRED IN IMPLEMENTING PROJECT FEATURES BEFORE APPROPRIATIONS.—To the extent any

public or private entity shares in the cost of or constructs any feature of the project or portion thereof prior to the appropriation of funds for construction of such feature, the costs incurred shall be credited to the total amount of any cost sharing required for the project. The Secretary is authorized to accept title to facilities appropriate to the project without compensation and thereafter to operate and maintain such facilities. SEC. 208. CONJUNCTIVE USE OF PUMPING FACILITIES.

When project pumping capacity is available in excess of that needed for fishery resource benefits as determined by the Secretary of the Interior, such project pumping capacity may be made available for use on presently irrigated lands eligible for service within the irrigation districts that participate in the project authorized in this title at a rate beised on the operation and maintenance costs related to such conjunctive use and an appropriate share of capital costs for such use as specified by an agreement between the Secretary of the Interior and the irrigation districts: Provided, That (a) boundaries of the irrigation districts may be modified, upon approval of the Secretary of the Interior, to include such lands that received irrigation water service from those districts prior to October 1, 1988; and (b) that such use shall be considered as secondary to the purpose of providing water for fishery resource purposes. Pumping power for this purpose shall be provided to the Bureau of Reclamation by the Administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration. The Administrator's rate for this service during the peak period shall be the forecasted average rate to be paid by public agencies for irrigation loads during peak periods. The rate during the off peak period shall be the rate paid by public agencies for irrigation loads during off peak periods. The cost of power for such pumping, and the cost of transmitting power from the Federal Columbia River Power System to the project pumping facilities shall be borne by irrigation districts receiving the benefit of such water.