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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2800

Education. Science and technology. Research and development. Energy.

16 USC 431 note.

PUBLIC LAW 100-559—OCT. 28, 1988

(d) Lands not acquired by New Mexico State University pursuant to this section and which are encompassed by P.L.O. 2051 may be disposed of, when available for disposition, by sale to or exchange with the State of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, or other public entities in accordance with the Recreation and Public Purposes Act (43 U.S.C. 869 et seq.): Provided, however. That New Mexico State University is given a right of first refusal on any proposed disposition. (e) None of the lands transferred to New Mexico State University pursuant to this section shall be sold by New Mexico State University. All such lands shall be used for the purposes of promoting directly or indirectly educational, scientific, and research activities, including those activities currently authorized under P.L.O. 2051, or promoting the utilization of the natural geothermal resources located within the boundaries of the lands transferred. In the event that the lands transferred to New Mexico State University pursuant to this section are used for any purpose other than those for which conveyance is authorized by this subsection, title to that portion of the lands upon which there is an unauthorized use shall immediately revert to the Umted States without the necessity for further action to accomplish the reversion of title to the United States. (f) Notwithstanding any other provision of law or court order, the Secretary of the Interior, if the Secretary determines it is necessary and appropriate for the purpose of consummating a conveyance of lands or interests therein under this Act, is hereby authorized and directed to revoke P.L.O. 2051 or any portion thereof necessary to consummate the transaction authorized by this title. TITLE VI—AZTEC RUINS NATIONAL MONUMENT SEC. 601. REVISION OF BOUNDARY.

Public information.

The boundary of Aztec Ruins National Monument is hereby revised to include the area generally depicted on the map entitled "Aztec Ruins, Addition, Aztec Ruins National Monument", numbered 319/80,015, and dated October 16, 1987. Such map shall be on file and available for public inspection in the offices of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior SEC. 602. LAND ACQUISITION.

Gifts and property.

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to acquire lands, interests in lands, and improvements thereon within the boundary of the national monument as amended by section 601 by donation, exchange, or purchase with donated or appropriated funds. SEC. 603. ADMINISTRATION.

National Park System.

The Secretary of the Interior shall administer the Aztec Ruins National Monument in accordance with the provisions of law generally applicable to units of the National Park System including the Act of August 25, 1916 (39 Stat. 535), as amended and supplemented, and the Act of August 21, 1935 (49 Stat. 666). SEC. 604. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.

There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this title.