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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-580—OCT. 31, 1988

102 STAT. 2925

(7) "Karuk Tribe" means the Karuk Tribe of California, organized under its constitution on April 6, 1985; (8) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior; (9) "Settlement Fund" means the Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Fund established pursuant to section 4; (10) "Settlement Roll" means the final roll prepared and published in the Federal Register by the Secretary pursuant to section 5; (11) "Short cases" means the cases entitled Jesse Short et al. V. United States, (CI. Ct. No. 102-63); Charlene Ackley v. United States, (CI. Ct. No. 460-78); Bret Aanstadt v. United States, (CI. Ct. No. 146-85L); and Norman Giffen v. United States, (CI. Ct. No. 746-85L); (12) "Short plaintiffs" means named plaintiffs in the Short CEises;

(13) "trust land" means an interest in land the title to which is held in trust by the United States for an Indian or Indian tribe, or by an Indian or Indian tribe subject to a restriction by the United States against alienation; (14) "unallotted trust land, property, resources or rights" means those lands, property, resources, or rights reserved for Indian purposes which have not been allotted to individuals under an allotment Act; (15) "Yurok Reservation" means the reservation described in section 2(c) of this Act; and (16) "Yurok Tribe" means the Indian tribe which is recognized and authorized to be organized pursuant to section 9 of this Act. SEC. 2. RESERVATIONS; PARTITION AND ADDITIONS. (a) PARTITION OF THE JOINT RESERVATION.—(1) Effective with the

25 USC 1300i-l.

publication in the Federal Register of the Hoopa tribal resolution as provided in paragraph (2), the joint reservation shall be partitioned as provided in subsections (b) and (c). (2)(A) The partition of the joint reservation as provided in this subsection, and the ratification and confirmation as provided by section 8, shall not become effective unless, within 60 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Hoopa Valley Tribe shall adopt, and transmit to the Secretary, a tribal resolution: (i) waiving any claim such tribe may have against the United States arising out of the provisions of this Act, and (ii) affirming tribal consent to the contribution of Hoopa Escrow monies to the Settlement Fund, and for their use as payments to the Yurok Tribe, and to individual Yuroks, as provided in this Act. (B) The Secretary, after determining the validity of the resolution Federal transmitted pursuant to subparagraph (A), shall cause such resolu- Register, publication. tion to be printed in the Federal Register. (b) HOOPA VALLEY RESERVATION.—Effective with the partition of the joint reservation as provided in subsection (a), the area of land known as the "square" (defined as the Hoopa Valley Reservation established under section 2 of the Act of April 8, 1864 (13 Stat. 40), the Executive Order of June 23, 1876, and Executive Order 1480 of February 17, 1912) shall thereafter be recognized and established as the Hoopa Valley Reservation. The unallotted trust land and assets of the Hoopa Valley Reservation shall thereafter be held in trust by the United States for the benefit of the Hoopa Valley Tribe.