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PUBLIC LAW 101-496—OCT. 31, 1990 104 STAT. 1201 with the State Planning Council (as described in paragraph (7)). "; (D) by striking subparagraph (B); (E) by redesignating subparagraph (C) as subparagraph (F); (F) by inserting after subparagraph (A) the following new subparagraphs: "(B)(i) Grants awarded under this subsection shall be in the amount of $90,000. "(ii) The Secretary may waive the provisions of clause (i) and award grants under this subsection in an amount which does not exceed $150,000, if the Secretary determines that such grants are of such sufficient scope and quality so as to address issues of national significance as identified in the report conducted pursuant to section 122(f). "(iii) If an appropriately convened peer review panel determines that applications submitted by university affiliated programs for training programs under this part in any fiscal year insufficiently address quality criteria established under subparagraph (D), the Secretary shall, pursuant to regulations issued under this Act, award any amounts available for carrying out the purposes of this section to other university affiliated programs which the Secretary determines will use the funds in accordance with subsection (b)(l)(B)(ii). The Secretary may make such awards for a period not to exceed 3 years to applicants whose applications are determined to be of minimal quality by peer review, notwithstanding the provisions of (b)(l)(B)(i). "(C) Grants under this section shall be awarded on a competitive basis. Grants awarded under this section shall be awarded for a period of 3 years. "(D) The Secretary shall require appropriate technical and qualitative peer review of applications for assistance under this subsection by peer review groups as established under section 153(e)(4) using the following criteria: "(i) The university affiliated program shall present evidence that core training assisted by funds awarded under this section is— "(I) competency and value based; "(II) designed to facilitate independence, productivity and integration for persons with developmental disabilities; and "(III) evaluated utilizing state of the art evaluation techniques in the programmatic areas selected, "(ii) Core training shall— "(I) represent state-of-the-art techniques in areas of critical shortage of personnel which are identified through consultation with the citizens advisory group designated pursuant to subsection (f) and the State Planning Council; "(II) be conducted in consultation with the citizens ad- , visory group designated under subsection (f) and the State developmental disabilities planning council; "(III) be integrated into the appropriate university affiliated program and university curriculum; "(IV) be integrated with relevant State agencies in order to achieve an impact on statewide personnel and service needs; "(V) to the extent practicable, be conducted in environments where services are actually delivered; and