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104 STAT. 1046 PUBLIC LAW 101-446—OCT. 22, 1990 15 USC 2223d. SEC. 5. ANNUAL REVISION OF RECOMMENDATIONS. After the submission of the report cited in section 4, the working group established under section 3 shall meet as needed, but at least once every 12 months, to review and recommend changes and additions to the report cited in section 4, that are necessary and appropriate for operational personnel at the local level. 15 USC 2223e. SEC. 6. DEFINITION. As used in this Act, the term "emergency response personnel" me£ms personnel responsible for mitigation activities in a medical emergency, fire emergency, hazardous material emergency, or natural disaster. Approved October 22, 1990. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 4522: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 101-473 (Comm. on Science, Space, and Technology). SENATE REPORTS: No. 101-452 (Comm. on Commerce, Science, and Transportation). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 136 (1990): May 8, considered and passed House. Oct. 5, considered and passed Senate.