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104 STAT. 1388-304 PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 referred to in subparagraph (B), including a list of relevant State constitutional provisions, laws, regulations, and judicial decisions. "(E) Broad guidelines on priorities of uses in particular areas, including specifically those uses of lowest priority. "(F) A description of the organizational structure proposed to implement such management program, including the responsibilities and interrelationships of local, areawide. State, regional, and interstate agencies in the management process. "(G) A definition of the term 'beach' and a planning process for the protection of, and access to, public beaches and other public coastal areas of environmental, recreational, historical, esthetic, ecological, or cultural value. "(H) A planning process for energy facilities likely to be located in, or which may significantly affect, the coastal zone, including a process for anticipating the management of the impacts resulting from such facilities. "(I) A planning process for assessing the effects of, and studying and evaluating ways to control, or lessen the impact of, shoreline erosion, and to restore areas adversely affected by such erosion. "(3) The State has— "(A) coordinated its program with local, areawide, and ' interstate plans applicable to areas within the coastal zone— "(i) existing on January 1 of the year in which the State's management program is submitted to the Secretary; and "(ii) which have been developed by a local government, an areawide agency, a regional agency, or an interstate agency; and "(B) established an effective mechanism for continuing consultation and coordination between the management agency designated pursuant to paragraph (6) and with local governments, interstate agencies, regional agencies, and areawide agencies within the coastal zone to assure the full participation of those local governments and agencies in carrying out the purposes of this title; except that the Secretary shall not find any mechanism to be effective for purposes of this subparagraph unless it requires that— "(i) the management agency, before implementing any management program decision which would conflict with any local zoning ordinance, decision, or other action, shall send a notice of the management program decision to any local government whose zoning authority is affected; "(ii) within the 30-day period commencing on the date of receipt of that notice, the local government may submit to the management agency written comments on the management program decision, and any recommendation for alternatives; and "(iii) the management agency, if any comments are submitted to it within the 30-day period by any local government— "(I) shall consider the comments;