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PUBLIC LAW 101-508—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1388-341 ment system for nonappropriated fund employees involved) if it were a nonappropriated fund instrumentality. Any such deductions and contributions shall be remitted to the Department of Defense or the Coast Guard, as applicable, for transmission to the appropriate retirement system. Subtitle D—Coordination SEC. 7301. COORDINATION. 5 USC 2101 note. For purposes of section 202 of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Reaffirmation Act of 1987, this title and the amendments made by this title shall be considered an exception under subsection (b) of such section. TITLE VIII—VETERANS' PROGRAMS TABLE OF CONTENTS Subtitle A—Compensation, DIC, and Pension Sec. 8001. Compensation benefits for certain incompetent veterans. Sec. 8002. Elimination of presumption of total disability in determination of pension for certain veterans. Sec. 8003. Reduction in pension for certain veterans receiving Medicaid-covered nursing home care. Sec. 8004. Ineligibility of remarried surviving spouses or married children for reinstatement of benefits eligibility upon becoming single. Sec. 8005. Cost-of-living increases in compensation rates. Subtitle B—Health-Care Benefits Sec. 8011. Medical-care cost recovery. Sec. 8012. Copayment for medications. Sec. 8013. Modification of health-care categories and copayments. Subtitle C—Education and Employment Sec. 8021. Limitation of rehabilitation program entitlement to service-disabled vetersaiB rated at 20 percent or more. Subtitle D—Housing and Loan Guaranty Assistance Sec. 8031. Election of claim under guaranty of manufactured home loans. Sec. 8032. Loan fee. Subtitle E—Burial and Grave Marker Benefits Sec. 8041. Headstone or marker allowance. Sec. 8042. Plot allowance eligibility. Subtitle F—Miscellaneous Sec. 8051. Use of Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration data for income verification. Sec. 8052. Line of duty. Sec. 8053. Requirement for claimants to report social security numbers; use of death information by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Subtitle A—Compensation, DIC, and Pension SEC. 8001. LIMITATION ON COMPENSATION BENEFITS FOR CERTAIN INCOMPETENT VETERANS. (a) IN GENERAL.— (1) Chapter 55 of title 38, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section: