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104 STAT. 1502 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 (1) A description of the guidelines established by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for assessing the reliability of the MX missile during Phase II Operational Testing. (2) A description of the currently planned Phase II Operational Test program for the MX missile. (3) A complete assessment of the extent to which the guidelines described in paragraph (1) will be met under the MX missile Phase II Operational Test program described in paragraph (2). (4) A complete assessment of the extent to which the guidelines described in paragraph (1) could be met under the MX missile Phase II Operational Test program if the total number of MX missiles procured were reduced from the planned 173 missiles to (A) 126 missiles, and (B) 150 missiles. (5) A description and net assessment of any other significant effects of reducing the number of MX test missiles as described in paragraph (4), including (A) an estimate of the associated cost savings, and (B) a description of the effect on existing contractual obligations and how the associated costs could be minimized. (6) A full description of how information from sources other than missile flight testing, including inspection of missile silos, aging and surveillance programs, production quality control, experience with previously deployed missile systems, and simulation, is factored into the assessment of missile reliability. SEC. 136. LIMITATION ON ADVANCE PROCUREMENT OF ADVANCED CRUISE MISSILE Of the amount appropriated pursuant to section 103 for Missile Procurement, Air Force, that is available for advance procurement of the Advanced Cruise Missile, not more than $64,400,000 may be obligated until— (1) a Defense Acquisition Board determines— (A) the total number of Advanced Cruise Missiles that will be acquired; (B) the acquisition strategy that will be used to acquire the missiles; and (C) the suitability of the program to enter into a full production rate of 250 missiles annually; (2) the scheduled follow-on operational flight tests are completed in fiscal year 1991; (3) the Secretary of Defense certifies to the congressional defense committees that the results of those flight tests demonstrate that the performance of the Advanced Cruise Missile meets the established requirements to proceed to a full-rate production decision; and Reports. (4) the Secretary of Defense submits to the congressional defense committees a report on the determinations of the Defense Acquisition Board made under paragraph (1). SEC. 137. LIMITATION ON OBLIGATION OF FUNDS FOR KC-135R AIRCRAFT RE-ENGINING MODIFICATION PROGRAM (A) LIMITATION.— Funds appropriated pursuant to this Act may not be obligated for the KC-135R tanker aircraft re-engining modification program until the Secretary of Defense— (1) conducts a defense-wide reassessment of requirements for tanker aircraft and the cost effectiveness of additional conver-