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104 STAT. 1634 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 "(A) identify and define the short, medium, and long-term scientific and technological needs of Federal, State, and local drug enforcement agencies, including— "(i) advanced surveillance, tracking, and radar imaging; "(ii) electronic support measures; "(iii) communications; "(iv) data fusion, advanced computer systems and artificial intelligence; and "(v) chemical, biological, radiological (including neutron, electron, and graviton) and other means of detection; "(B) make a priority ranking of such needs according to fiscal and technological feasibility, as part of a National Counter-Drug Enforcement Research and Development Strategy; "(C) oversee and coordinate counter-drug technology initiatives with related activities of other Federal civilian and military departments; and "(D) under the general authority of the Director of National Drug Control Policy, submit requests to Congress for the reprogramming or transfer of funds appropriated for counterdrug enforcement research and development. "(2) The authority granted to the Director under this section shall not extend to the award of contracts, management of individual projects, or other operational activities. President. "(d) COUNTER-DRUG BUDGET SUBMISSION. —Beginning with the budget submitted to Congress for fiscal year 1992 pursuant to section 1105 of title 31, United States Code, the President shall submit a separate and detailed request relating to those Federal departments and agencies having responsibility for counter-drug enforcement research and development programs. "(e) PERSONNEL.— Subject to subsections (d) and (e) of section 1003, the Chief Scientist shall select and appoint a staff of not more than 10 employees with specialized experience in scientific, engineering, and technical affairs.", TITLE XI—OPERATION DESERT SHIELD PART A—FUNDING MATTERS SEC. 1101. SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDS FOR FISCAL YEAR 1990 (a) AUTHORIZATION OF SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS. — The appropriations and transfers made by title II of Public Law 101-403 are hereby authorized. The authorizations in the preceding sentence are in addition to the amounts authorized to be appropriated for fiscal year 1990 by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991 (Public Law 101-189). (b) PURPOSES FOR WHICH SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDS MAY BE USED.— Funds appropriated or otherwise made available by title II of Public Law 101-403 (other than for "Other Procurement, Army" and for "Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation, Navy") may be used only— \ (1) for the purposes stated in section 201 of that Public! Law; or (2) to liquidate obligations incurred by the Department of Defense during fiscal year 1990 pursuant to authority under section 2201 of title 10, United States Code.