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104 STAT. 1760 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 OKLAHOMA Fort Sill, $25,150,000. PENNSYLVANIA Carlisle Barracks, $26,200,000. Fort Indiantown Gap, $6,350,000. Tobyhanna Army Depot, $6,800,000. SOUTH CAROLINA Fort Jackson, $1,600,000. TEXAS Camp Swift, $100,000. Fort Bliss, $20,000,000. Fort Hood, $43,269,000. Fort Sam Houston, $33,700,000. UTAH Dugway Proving Ground, $450,000. Tooele Army Depot, $11,800,000. VIRGINIA Fort A. P. Hill, $3,200,000. Fort Belvoir, $2,500,000. Fort Eustis, $530,000. Fort Lee, $520,000. Fort Myer, $2,150,000. Fort Story, $1,600,000. WASHINGTON Fort Lewis, $18,000,000. WISCONSIN Fort McCoy, $24,400,000. CONUS CLASSIFIED Classified Location, $3,000,000. (b) OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES.—The Secretary of the Army may acquire real property and may carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for each of the following installations and locations outside the United States. GERMANY Kaiserslautern, $5,000,000. Various, $2,500,000. KOREA K-16 Airfield, $1,500,000. SEC. 2102. FAMILY HOUSING (a) CONSTRUCTION AND ACQUISITION. —The Secretary of the Army may construct or acquire family housing units (including land), using amounts appropriated pursuant to section 2104(a)(7)(A), at the