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note. PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1821 SEC. 2923. FUNDING FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION AT MILITARY INSTALLATIONS SCHEDULED FOR CLOSURE INSIDE THE UNITED STATES (a) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—T here is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Defense Base Closure Account for fiscal year 1991, in addition to any other funds authorized to be appropriated to that account for that fiscal year, the sum of $100,000,000. Amounts appropriated to that account pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be available only for activities for the purpose of environmental restoration at military installations closed or realigned under title II of Public Law 100-526, as authorized under section 204(a)(3) of that title. Qo) EXCLUSIVE SOURCE OF FUNDING. —(1) Section 207 of Public Law 100-526 is amended by adding at the end the following: 10 USC 2687 "(h) BASE CLOSURE ACCOUNT TO BE EXCLUSIVE SOURCE OF FUNDS note. FOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION PROJECTS.— No funds appropriated to the Department of Defense may be used for purposes described in section 204(a)(3) except funds that have been authorized for and appropriated to the Account. The prohibition in the preceding sentence expires upon the termination of the authority of the Secretary to carry out a closure or realignment under this title.". (2) The amendment made by paragraph (1) does not apply with respect to the availability of funds appropriated before the date of the enactment of this Act. (c) TASK FORCE REPORT. — (1) Not later than 12 months after the lo use 2687 date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to Congress a report containing the findings and recommendations of the task force established under paragraph (2) concerning— (A) ways to improve interagency coordination, within existing laws, regulations, and administrative policies, of environmental response actions at military installations (or portions of installations) that are being closed, or are scheduled to be closed, pursuant to title II of the Defense Authorization Amendments and Base Closure and Realignment Act (Public Law 100-526); and (B) ways to consolidate and streamline, within existing laws and regulations, the practices, policies, and administrative procedures of relevant Federal and State agencies with respect to such environmental response actions so as to enable those actions to be carried out more expeditiously. (2) There is hereby established an environmental response task force to make the findings and recommendations, and to prepare the report, required by paragraph (1). The task force shall consist of the following (or their designees): (A) The Secretary of Defense, who shall be chairman of the task force. (B) The Attorney General. (C) The Administrator of the General Services Administration. (D) The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. (E) The Chief of Engineers, Department of the Army. (F) A representative of a State environmental protection agency, appointed by the head of the National Governors Association.