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PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1827 (7) For capital equipment not related to construction: (A) For weapons activities, $272,231,000. (B) For materials production, $105,622,000. (C) For verification and control technology, $9,924,000. (D) For nuclear safeguards and security, $5,066,000. (E) For new production reactors, $8,800,000. (F) For naval reactors development, $55,400,000. SEC. 3103. ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION AND WASTE MANAGEMENT Funds are authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Energy for fiscal year 1991 for carrying out the environmental restoration and waste management programs necessary for national security programs as follows: (1) For operating expenses, $2,391,428,000 to be allocated as follows: (A) For environmental restoration, $833,215,000. (B) For waste operations and projects, $1,252,927,000. (C) For waste research and development, $183,480,000. (D) For corrective action, $61,654,000. (E) For transportation management, $14,660,000. (F) For program direction, $24,106,000. (G) For program direction/landlord, $21,386,000. (2) For capital equipment, $119,917,000. (3) For plant projects: Project GPI)-171, general plant projects, various locations, $63,689,000. Project 91-D -171, waste receiving and processing facility module 1, Richland, Washington, $2,700,000. Project 91-D -172, high-level waste tank farm replacement, Idaho Chemical Processing Plant, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho, $13,000,000. Project 91-D -173, hazardous low-level waste processing tanks, Savannah River, South Carolina, $5,800,000. Project 91-D-175, 300 area electrical distribution conversion and safety improvements. Phase I, Richland, Washington, $900,000. Project 90-D -103, environment, safety, and health improvements, various locations, $4,200,000. Project 90-D -125, steam plant ash disposal facility, Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $6,000,000. Project 90-D -171, laboratory ventilation and electrical system upgrade, Richland, Washington, $4,100,000. Project 90-D -172, aging waste transfer lines, Richland, Washington, $4,000,000. Project 90-D -173, B plant canyon crane replacement, Richland, Washington, $4,300,000. Project 90-D -174, decontamination laundry facility. Rich- | land, Washington, $9,900,000. Project 90-D -175, landlord program safety compliance-I, Richland, Washington, $10,870,000. Project 90-D-176, transuranic (TRU) waste facility. Savannah River, South Carolina, $15,300,000. Project 90-D -177, RWMC transuranic (TRU) waste treatment and storage facility, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho, $26,000,000.