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104 STAT. 2100 PUBLIC LAW 101-514—NOV. 5, 1990 (d) For purposes of this section— . (1) The term "foreign country" includes any foreign instrumentality. Each territory or possession of a foreign country that is administered separately for customs purposes shall be treated as a separate foreign country. (2) Any contractor or subcontractor that is a citizen or national of a foreign country, or is controlled directly or indirectly by citizens or nationals of a foreign country, shall be considered to be a contractor or subcontractor of such foreign country. (3) Subject to paragraph (4), any product that is produced or manufactured (in whole or in substantial part) in a foreign country shall be considered to be a product of such foreign country. (4) The restrictions of subsection (a)(l) shall not prohibit the use, in the construction, alteration, or repair of a public building or public work, of vehicles or construction equipment of a foreign country. (5) The terms "contractor" and "subcontractor" include any person performing any architectural, engineering, or other services directly related to the preparation for or performance of the construction, alteration, or repair. (e) Paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall not apply to contracts entered into prior to the date of enactment of this Act. (f) The provisions of this section are in addition to, and do not limit or supersede, any other restrictions contained in any other Federal law. This Act may be cited as the "Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 1991". Approved November 5, 1990. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 5019: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 101-536 (Ctomm. on Appropriations) and No. 101-889 (Comm. of Conference). SENATE REPORTS: No. 101-378 (Comm. on Appropriations). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 136 (1990): June 19, considered and passed House. Aug. 1, 2, considered and passed Senate, amended. Oct. 19, House agreed to conference report; receded and concurred in certain Senate amendments, in others with amendments. Senate agreed to conference report; concurred in House amendments. WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS, Vol. 26 (1990): Nov. 5, Presidential statement.