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PUBLIC LAW 101-630 —NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4559 " (e) MENTAL HEALTH TRAINING AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION PRO- GRAMS.— (1) The Secretary and the Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with representatives of Indian tribes, shall conduct a study and compile a list, of the types of staff positions specified in paragraph (2) whose qualifications include, or should include, training in the identification, prevention, education, referral, or treatment of mental illness or dysfunctional and self-destructive behavior. "(2) The positions referred to in paragraph (1) are— "(A) staff positions within the Bureau of Indian Affairs, including existing positions, in the fields of— "(i) elementary and secondary education; "(ii) social services and family and child welfare; "(iii) law enforcement and judicial services; and "(iv) alcohol and substance abuse; "(B) staff positions with the Service; and "(C) 'staff positions similar to those identified in subparagraphs (A) and (B) established and maintained by Indian tribes, including positions established in contracts entered into under the Indian Self-Determination Act. "(3)(A) The appropriate Secretary shall provide training criteria appropriate to each type of position identified in paragraph (2)(A) and ensure that appropriate training has been, or will be, provided to any individual in any such position. With respect to any such individual in a position identified pursuant to paragraph (2)(C), the respective Secretaries shall provide appropriate training to, or provide funds to an Indian tribe for the training of, such individual. In the case of positions funded under a contract entered into under the Indian Self-Determination Act, the appropriate Secretary shall ensure that such training costs are included in the contract, if necessary. "(B) Funds authorized to be appropriated pursuant to this subsection may be used to provide training authorized by this paragraph for community education programs described in paragraph (5) if a plan adopted pursuant to subsection (d) identifies individuals or employment categories, other than those identified pursuant to paragraph (1), for which such training or community education is deemed necessary or desirable. "(4) Position-specific training criteria described in paragraph (3) shall be culturally relevant to Indians and Indian tribes and shall ensure that appropriate information regarding traditional Indian healing and treatment practices is provided. "(5) The Service shall develop and implement or, upon the request of an Indian tribe, assist such tribe to develop and implement, a program of community education on mental illness and dysfunctional and self-destructive behavior for individuals, as determined in a plan adopted pursuant to subsection (d). In carrying out this paragraph, the Service shall provide, upon the request of an Indian tribe, technical Eissistance to the Indian tribe to obtain or develop community education and training materials on the identification, prevention, referral, and treatment of mental illness and dysfunctional and self-destructive behavior. "(6) There is hereby authorized to be appropriated— Appropriation "(A) $500,000 for fiscal year 1991 to carry out this subsection, authorization, of which $100,000 shall be allocated for community education under paragraph (5); and