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PUBLIC LAW 101-631—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4569 Public Law 101-631 101st Congress An Act To authorize an exchange of lands in South Dakota and Colorado. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. FINDINGS AND PURPOSES. (a) FINDINGS.— The Congress finds and declares that— (1) certain lands located within or adjacent to the Black Hills National Forest in Lawrence and Meade Counties, South Dakota, are currently in private ownership; (2) these lands, which are owned by Homestake Mining Company of California (hereinafter referred to as "Homestake"), are intermingled with National Forest lands and comprise potential valuable additions to the Black Hills National Forest to serve important public values and objectives, including but not limited to— (A) public access and opportunities for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation; (B) fish and wildlife habitat protection (including Blue Ribbon trout habitat in Spearfish Creek); (C) the preservation of scenic beauty; (D) public access to, and the enhancement of the outstanding scenic, natural and recreational values of Spearfish Canyon and other canyons within the Black Hills; (E) protection of the scenic backdrop to the Spearfish Canyon National Forest Scenic Byway; and (F) more efficient National Forest land management; (3) such lands, if not acquired for addition to the Black Hills National Forest, may be sold and developed for purposes which may be incompatible with the above mentioned objectives; (4) Homestake has offered to convey such lands, which total approximately twelve thousand two hundred and seventy-four acres, to the United States by sale or exchange so that they may be managed for National Forest and land conservation purposes; (5) Homestake has identified National Forest lands in Summit County, Colorado, that— (A) Homestake or local government units would like to acquire; (B) are intermingled with or adjacent to privately owned and developed lands; (C) are currently developed, permitted for ski area or local government purposes, or adjacent to developed or permitted areas or communities; (D) are not necessary for retention in government ownership to serve the public interest or objectives; and (E) are therefore suitable for disposal through a land exchange; and Nov. 28, 1990 [H.R. 4567] Homestake Mining Company.