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PUBLIC LAW 101-640—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4605 Sec. 312. Environmental dredging. Sec. 313. Protection of recreational and commercifd uses. Sec. 314. Operation and maintenance of hydroelectric facilities. Sec. 315. Matters to be addressed in planning. Sec. 316. Harbor maintenance trust fund amendment. Sec. 317. Single entities. Sec. 318. Technical assistance to private entities. Sec. 319. Fees for development of State water plans. Sec. 320. Cabin site leases. Sec. 321. Information on floods and flood damages. Sec. 322. Reduced pricing for certain water supply storage. TITLE IV—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 401. Great Lakes remedial action plans. Sec. 402. Cross Florida Barge Canal. Sec. 403. Wappingers Lake and Lake Gteorge, New York. Sec. 404. Demonstration of construction of Federal project by non-Federal interests. Sec. 405. Upper Mississippi River plan. Sec. 406. Construction of Virgin Islands projects by Secretary of the Army. Sec. 407. Virginia Beach, Virginia. Sec. 408. Declaration of nonnavigability for portions of Lake Erie. Sec. 409. Wetlands enhancement opportunities. Sec. 410. Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania. Sec. 411. Onondaga Lake, New York. Sec. 412. Alternatives to mud dump site for disposal of dredged material. Sec. 413. Albemarle Sound-Roanoke River Basin, North Carolina. Sec. 414. Rondout Creek and Wallkill River, New York and New Jersey. Sec. 415. Regulation of Dworshak Dam, Idaho. Sec. 416. Southeast light on Block Island, Rhode Island. Sec. 417. Magnetic levitation technology. Sec. 418. Riverside, California. Sec. 419. Buy American. Sec. 420. Sense of Congress. Sec. 421. Woodlawn Beach, Hamburg, New York. SEC. 2. SECRETARY DEFINED. 33 USC 2201 For purposes of this Act, the term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Army. TITLE I—WATER RESOURCES PROJECTS SEC. 101. PROJECT AUTHORIZATIONS. (a) PROJECTS WITH REPORT OF THE CHIEF OF ENGINEERS.— Except as provided in this subsection, the following projects for water resources development and conservation and other purposes are authorized to be carried out by the Secretary substantially in accordance with the plans, and subject to the conditions, recommended in the respective reports designated in this subsection: (1) BAYOU LA BATRE, ALABAMA. —The project for navigation for Bayou La Batre, Alabama: Report of the Chief of Engineers, dated August 3, 1989, at a total cost of $16,230,000, with an estimated first Federal cost of $4,490,000 and an estimated first non-Federal cost of $11,740,000. (2) HOMER SPIT, ALASKA.— The project for storm damage prevention. Homer Spit, Alaska: Report of the Chief of Engineers, dated June 28, 1990, at a total cost of $4,700,000, with an estimated first Federal cost of $3,050,000 and an estimated first non-Federal cost of $1,650,000, and an average annual cost of $242,000 for periodic nourishment over the 50-year life of the project, with an estimated annual Federal cost of $157,000 and an estimated annusil non-Federal cost of $85,000.