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104 STAT. 4694 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 "(7) the extent to which the program integrates program recipients into the community served by the program; and "(8) the cost-effectiveness of the proposed program; and "(9) such other factors as the Secretary specifies in regulations to be appropriate for purposes of carrying out the program established by this subtitle in an effective and efficient manner. "0)) FUNDING LIMITATION,—No more than 10 percent of the assistance made available under this subtitle for any fiscal year may be used for programs located within any one unit of general local government. "SEC. 436. REQUIRED AGREEMENTS. "The Secretary may not approve assistance under this subtitle unless the applicant agrees— "(1) to operate the proposed program in accordance with the provisions of this subtitle; "(2) to conduct an ongoing assessment of the housing assistance and supportive services required by the participants in the program; "(3) to assure the adequate provision of supportive services to the participants in the program; and "(4) to comply with such other terms and conditions as the Secretary may establish for purposes of carrying out the program in an effective and efficient manner. "SEC. 437. TERMINATION OF ASSISTANCE. "(a) AUTHORITY. —If an eligible individual who receives assistance under this subtitle violates program requirements, the recipient may terminate assistance in accordance with the process established pursuant to subsection (b). "(b) PROCEDURE. — In terminating assistance under this section, the recipient shall provide a formal process that recognizes the rights of individuals receiving such assistance to due process of law. "SEC. 438. DEFINITIONS. "For purposes of this subtitle: "(1) The term 'acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and related diseases' has the same meaning given that term in section 853 of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act. "(2) The term 'applicant' means— "(A) in the case of rental housing assistance under parts II and IV, a State unit of general local government, or Indian tribe; and "(B) in the case of single room occupancy housing under the section 8 moderate rehabilitation program under part III (i) a State, unit of general local government, or Indian tribe (that shall be responsible for assuring the provision of supportive services and the overall administration of the program), and (ii) a public housing agency (that shall be primarily responsible for administering the housing assistance under part III), "(3) The term 'eligible person' means a homeless person with disabilities (primarily persons who are seriously mentally ill, have chronic problems with alcohol, drugs, or both, or have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and related diseases) and the family of such a person.