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104 STAT. 4776 PUBLIC LAW 101-646—NOV. 29, 1990 \ ' "(5) developing recommendations regarding— "(A) an action plan to analyze the effects of contaminant levels on fishery resources; 5^ "(B) an action plan for the cooperative restoration and i'i~(' enhancement of depleted, nationally significant fish stocks, including lake trout, yellow perch, lake sturgeon, walleye, forage fish, and Atlantic salmon; "(C) planning and technical assistance that should be provided to the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission, States, and Indian Tribes to assist their fishery resource restoration efforts; " ,^ "(D) mitigation measures to restore and enhance fishery '*' resources adversely affected by past Federal (including federally assisted or approved) water resource development projects and other activities; "(E) increasing the involvement of the International Joint Commission, the Great Lakes Commission, the Great ,, Lakes Fishery Commission, and other interjurisdictional entities regarding fishery resources protection, restoration, and enhancement; " • «' "(F) research projects and data gathering initiatives regarding population trends of fish stocks, including population abundance and structure, interspecific competition, survival rates, and behavioral patterns; "(G) important fishery resource habitat and other areas that should be protected, restored, or enhanced for the benefit of Great Lakes fishery resources; 'i-v•f "(H) how private conservation organizations, recreational and commercial fishing interests, the aquaculture industry,

-^ '

and the general public could contribute to the implementation of the fishery resource restoration and enhancement recommendations developed pursuant to this Act; and "(I) appropriate contributions that should be made by States and other non-Federal entities to the cost of activi- ^ ties undertaken to implement the recommendations, including a description of— "(i) the activities that shall be cost-shared; "(ii) the entities or individuals which shall share the J' ,.. costs of those activities; ,\ . "(iii) the proportion of appropriate project and activ- J^ ity costs that shall be borne by non-Federal interests; and "(iv) how the entities or individuals who share costs should finance their contribution. " (d) PROPOSALS FOR IMPLEMENTING RECOMMENDATIONS. — The Director shall develop proposals for implementing the recommendations of the study developed under subsection (c)(5). The proposals shall be consistent with the goals of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, as revised in 1987, the 1954 Great lakes Fisheries Convention, State and tribal fishery management jurisdiction, and the 1980 Joint Strategic Plan for the management of Great Lakes fishery resources.