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104 STAT. 4786 PUBLIC LAW 101-646—NOV. 29, 1990 (c) CONDITIONS. —The Director may only grant or otherwise provide matching moneys to a coastal State for purposes of carrying out a coastal wetlands conservation project if the grant or provision is subject to terms and conditions that will ensure that any real property interest acquired in whole or in part, or enhanced, managed, or restored with such moneys will be administered for the long-term conservation of such lands and waters and the fish and wildlife dependent thereon. ..


-A, (d) COST-SHARING. — (1) FEDERAL SHARE. —Grants to coastal States of matching moneys by the Director for any fiscal year to carry out coastal wetlands conservation projects shall be used for the payment of not to exceed 50 percent of the total costs of such projects: except that such matching moneys may be used for payment of not to exceed 75 percent of the costs of such projects if a coastal State has established a trust fund, from which the principal is not spent, for the purpose of acquiring coastal wetlgmds, other natural area or open spaces. (2) FORM OF STATE SHARE.—The matching moneys required of a coastal State to carry out a coastal wetlands conservation project shall be derived from a non-Federal source. (3) IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS. —In addition to cash outlays and payments, in-kind contributions of property or personnel services by non-Federal interests for activities under this section may be used for the non-Federal share of the cost of those activities. J (e) PARTIAL PAYMENTS.— (1) The Director may from time to time make matching payments to carry out coastal wetlands conservation projects as such projects progress, but such payments, including previous payments, if any, shall not be more than the Federal pro rata share of any such project in conformity with subsection (d) of this section. (2) The Director may enter into agreements to make matching pa3anents on an initial portion of a coastal wetlands conservation project and to agree to make payments on the remaining "^ Federal share of the costs of such project from subsequent moneys if and when they become available. The liability of the United States under such an agreement is contingent upon the continued availability of funds for the purpose of this section. "^^^^^ (f) WETLANDS ASSESSMENT. —The Director shall, with the funds made available in accordance with the next following section of this title, direct the US. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Wetland Inventory to update and digitize wetlands maps in the State of Texas and to conduct an assessment of the status, condition, and trends of wetlands in that State. 16 USC 3955. SEC. 306. DISTRIBUTION OF APPROPRIATIONS. (a) PRIORITY PROJECT AND CONSERVATION PLANNING EXPENDI- TURES. —Of the total amount appropriated during a given fiscal year to carry out this title, 70 percent, not to exceed $70,000,000, shall be available, and shall remain available until expended, for the purposes of making expenditures— (1) not to exceed the aggregate amount of $5,000,000 annually to assist the Task Force in the preparation of the list required under this title and the plan required under this title, including preparation of—