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104 STAT. 5298 PROCLAMATION 6142—MAY.25, 1990 [Goods originating...:] "9905.84.60 Valves, other than valves of subheading 8481.80.90, exceeding 19 mm internal pipe size for gas-fired apparatus for cooking, heating buildings or water, or for re&igeration, including such valves used in the gas line between such apparatus and the meter or in the gas line between such apparatus and the consumer's gas storage device, and wellhead valves, other than valves of subheading 8481.80.90, not less than 5.08 cm nor exceeding 7.62 cm nominal size, rated for service in working pressures not exceeding 13,790 kPA W.O.G. (water, oil, gas] excluding needle valves, for use in the exploration, discovery, development, maintenance, testing, depletion or production of oil or natural gas wells (provided for in subheading 8481.80) Free (CA) 9905.84.65 Parts of pressure-reducing valves of subheading 8481.10, of taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances of subheading 8481.80.90, and of valves used for gas-fired apparatus and wellhead valves of subheading 9905.84.60 (provided for in subheading 8481.90] Free (CA)" Section G. Effective with respect to goods originating in the territory of Canada which are entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after April 1 in 1990, and January 1 of each of the following years set forth in the following tabulation, for each of the following HTS subheadings, the rate of duty in the Rates of Duty 1-Special subcolumn in the HTS that is followed by the symbol "CA" in parentheses is deleted and the following rates of duty inserted in lieu thereof on such aforementioned dates.