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B6 SUBJECT INDEX Exports and Imports See also Commerce and Trade Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 722, 1245 Semiconductor International Protection Extension Act of 1991 320 Farming See Agriculture Federal Aviation Administration Administrator, appointment 1678 Federal Buildings and Facilities Edward R. Roybal Center and Federal Building, CA, designation 857 James and Marlene Howard Transportation and Information Center, NJ, designation 2186 John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, PA, designation 995 National Atomic Museum, NM, designation 1578 Post Office Buildings Carl O. Hyde General Mail Facility, TX, designation 369 Gwen B. Giles Post Office Building, TN, designation 1635 J.E. (Eddie) Russell Post Office Building, TN, designation 330 Jesse Owens Building of the United States Postal Service, OH, designation 266 John Richard Haydel Post Office Building, LA, designation 368 Luke Easter Post Office, OH, designation 299 Patrick J. Patton United States Post Office Building, OH, designation 625 Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building, IL, designation 411 Robert W. Kastenmeier United States Courthouse, WI, designation 1662 Silvio O. Conte National Records Center, designation 854 Fellowships and Scholarships Claude and Mildred Pepper Scholarship Program 694 E. (Kika) de la Garza Agricultural Fellowship Program, establishment 1860 Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Scholarship and Fellowship Program 1572 FBI Critical Skills Scholarship Program 1268 Israeh Arab Scholarship Program 696 Law and Business Training Program for Graduate Students from the Soviet Union, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia 700 National Security Education Act of 1991 1271 Silvio O. Conte Memorial Scholarship Fund, establishment 1659 Page Vietnamese scholarships 702 Financial Institutions See Banks and Banking Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Institute of Fisheries Oceanography, establishment 2233 Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Act 1655 Striped Bass Act of 1991 626 Flags POW/MIA flag, display requirement 577 Florida Astronauts memorial, John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL, recognition 242 Food See Agriculture Food Stamps Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Consequences of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Food Stamps, Unemployment Compensation Administration, Veterans Compensation and Pensions, and Other Urgent Needs Act of 1991 130 Nutritional programs 1884 Foreign Relations Agricultural assistance programs 907 Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty Implementation Act of 1991 1691 Department of State and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1992 816 Department of State, appropriation authorization 647 Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriations From Contributions of Foreign Governments And/Or Interest for Humanitarian Assistance to Refugees and Displaced Persons In and Around Iraq as a Result of the Recent Invasion of Kuwait and for Peacekeeping Activities and Other Urgent Needs Act of 1991 290 Foreign Bank Supervision Enhancement Act of 1991 2286 Foreign Relations Persian Gulf Conflict Emergency Supplemental Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1991 68 Foreign Relations United States Historical Series, publication 685 Forests See Conservation France Pershing Hall Memorial, administrative jurisdiction 422 Georgia Chattahoochee National Forest Protection Act of 1991 1667 Coosa Bald National Scenic Area, designation 1668