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105 STAT. 76 PUBLIC LAW 102-25—APR. 6, 1991 Sec. 312. Temporary CHAMPUS provisions regarding deductibles and copayment requirements. Sec. 313. Transitional health care. Sec. 314. Extension of certain Persian Gulf conflict provisions. Sec. 315. Study of Department of Defense policies relating to deployment of military servicemembers with dependents or servicemembers from families with more than one servicemember. Sec. 316. Adjustment in the effective date of changes in mental health benefits as a result of Operation Desert Storm. Sec. 317. Sense of the House of Representatives on the separation of certain mem- .J bers from their infant children. Part C—Veterans Benefits and Programs Sec. 331. Short title. ' Sec. 332. Inclusion of Persian Gulf War within definition of "period of war" for purposes of veterans benefits. Sec. 333. Pension eligibility for Persian Gulf War veterans and surviving spouses of Persian Gulf War veterans. Sec. 334. Health benefits. Sec. 335. Reports by Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Veterans Affairs concerning services to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Sec. 336. Life insurance benefits. Sec. 337. Increase in the amount of Montgomery GI bill educational assistance payments. Sec. 338. Membership on Educational Benefits Advisory Committee for Persian Gulf War veteran. Sec. 339. Improved reemployment rights for disabled veterans. Sec. 340. Requalification of former employees. Sec. 341. Eligibility for housing benefits. Part D—Federal Employee Benefits Sec. 361. Leave bank for Federal civilian employees in reserves who were activated during Persian Gulf War. Part E—Higher Education Assistance Sec. 371. Short title. Sec. 372. Operation Desert Storm waiver authority. Sec. 373. Tuition refunds or credits. Sec. 374. Eligibility of student borrowers. Sec. 375. Termination of sections 372 and 373. Sec. 376. Coordination with other law. Part F—Programs for Farmers and Ranchers Sec. 381. Definitions. Sec. 382. Base protection. Sec. 383. Waiver of minimum planting requirement. Sec. 384. Conservation requirements. Sec. 385. Farm credit provisions. Sec. 386. Program administration provisions. Sec. 387. Administration. Sec. 388. Outreach projects. Part G—Budget Treatment Sec. 391. Authorization of appropriations from Defense Cooperation Account. Sec. 392. Benefits contingent upon appropriations from Defense Cooperation Account. Sec. 393. Definition; construction of sections 391 and 392. TITLE IV—REPORTS ON FOREIGN CONTRIBUTIONS AND THE COSTS OF OPERATION DESERT STORM Sec. 401. Reports on United States costs in the Persian Gulf conflict and foreign contributions to offset such costs. Sec. 402. Reports on foreign contributions in response to the Persian Gulf crisis. Sec. 403. Form of reports. TITLE V—REPORT ON THE CONDUCT OF THE PERSIAN GULF CONFLICT Sec. 501. Department of Defense report on the conduct of the Persian Gulf conflict.