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105 STAT. 256 PUBLIC LAW 102-50 —MAY 24, 1991 (c) TERMS. —Members shall be appointed to the Commission for a term of 3 years. A member may serve after the expiration of his term until his successor has taken office. (d) CHAIRPERSON; VACANCIES.—The Secretary shall designate 1 of the members of the Commission, who is a permanent resident of Brown, Cherry, Keya Paha, or Rock Counties, to serve as Chairperson. Vacancies on the Commission shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made. Members of the Commission shall serve without compensation, but the Secretary is authorized to pay expenses reasonably incurred by the Commission in carrying out its responsibilities under this Act on vouchers signed by the Chairperson. (e) TERMINATION.—The Commission shall cease to exist 10 years from the date of enactment of this Act. 16 USC 1274 SEC. 6. MISSOURI RIVER PROVISIONS. (a) ADMINISTRATION. — The administration of the Missouri River segment designated in section 2 of this Act shall be in consultation with a recreational river advisory group to be established by the Secretary. Such group shall include in its membership representatives of the affected States and political subdivisions thereof, af- fected Federal agencies, organized private groups, and such individuals as the Secretary deems desirable. (b) BRIDGES.— The designation of the Missouri River segment by the amendment made by section 2 of this Act shall not place any additional requirements on the placement of bridges other than those contained in section 303 of title 49, United States Code. (c) EROSION CONTROL.— Within the Missouri River segment designated by the amendment made by section 2 of this Act, the Secretary shall permit the use of erosion control techniques, including the use of rocks from the area for streambank stabilization purposes, subject to such conditions as the Secretary may prescribe, in consultation with the advisory group described in subsection (a) of this section, to protect the resource values for which such river segment was designated. 16 USC 1274 SEC. 7. NATIONAL RECREATION AREA STUDY. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Director of the National Park Service, shall undertake and complete a study, within 18 months after the date of enactment of this section, regarding the feasibility and suitability of the designation of lands in Knox County and Boyd County, Nebraska, generally adjacent to the recreational river segments designated by the amendments made by section 2 of this Act and adjacent to the Lewis and Clark Reservoir, as a national recreation area. The Secretary may provide grants and technical assistance to the State of Nebraska, the Santee Sioux Indian Tribal Council, and the political subdivisions having jurisdiction over lands in these 2 counties to assist the Secretary in carrying out such study. The study under this section shall be prepared in consultation with the Santee Sioux Tribe, affected political subdivisions, and relevant State agencies. The study shall include as a minimum each of the following: (1) A comprehensive evaluation of the public recreational opportunities and the flood plain management options which are available with respect to the river and creek corridors involved.