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PUBLIC LAW 102-72—JULY 23, 1991 105 STAT. 331 Public Law 102-72 102d Congress Joint Resolution Designating the week beginning July 21, 1991, as the "Korean War Veterans July 23, 1991 Remembrance Week". [H.J. Res. 255] Whereas July 27, 1991, is the 38th anniversary of the cease-fire agreement which ended the active combat of the Korean War; Whereas in June 1950, prompt action by the United States to add its armed forces to those of the Republic of Korea helped to counter an invasion by North Korea of the Republic of Korea; Whereas in addition to the United States and the Republic of Korea, 20 other nations provided military contingents to serve under the United Nations banner, marking the first time in history that countries under United Nations command repelled a flagrant attack in order to preserve the liberty of another country; Whereas after 3 years of active hostilities, the territorial integrity of the Republic of Korea was restored and the freedom and independence of its people assured; Whereas over 5,700,000 American servicemen and servicewomen were directly or indirectly involved in the Korean War; Whereas American casualties during the Korean War were 54,246 dead (of which 33,629 were battle deaths), 103,284 wounded, 8,177 listed as missing in action or prisoners of war (of which 329 prisoners of war are still unaccounted for); Whereas although the Korean War has become known as "The Forgotten War", the United States should never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by those who fought and died in Korea for the noble and just cause of freedom; Whereas the establishment of a Korean War Veterans Memorial in the Nation's Capital has been authorized to recognize and honor the service and the sacrifice of those who participated in the Korean War (Public Law 99-572); Whereas the Secretary of the Treasury is required to mint a silver dollar coin in commemoration of the 38th anniversary of the end of the Korean War and in honor of those who served (section 5112 note of title 31, United States Code); Whereas increasing numbers of veterans of the Korean War are setting aside July 27, the anniversary date of the cease-fire which ended the active combat of that war, as a special day to remember those with whom they served and to honor those who made the supreme sacrifice in a war to preserve the ideals of freedom and independence for a people they had never known; and Whereas on this significant anniversary of the cease-fire which began the longest military armistice in modern history, it is right and appropriate to recognize, honor, and remember the service and sacrifice of those who endured the rigors of combat and the extremes of a hostile climate under the most trying conditions and still prevailed to preserve the independence of a free nation: Now, therefore, be it