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105 STAT. 348 PUBLIC LAW 102-73—JULY 25, 1991 "(B) the coordination and monitoring of State literacy training programs in order to progress toward the longterm literacy goals of the State; "(C) the improvement of the quality of literacy programs in the State by supporting the integration of services, staff training, and technology-based learning and the integration of resources of literacy programs conducted by various agencies of State government; and "(D) private sector initiatives that would improve adult education programs and literacy programs, especially through public-private partnerships;"; (iii) by redesignating paragraph (3) as paragraph (7); and (iv) by inserting after paragraph (2) the following: "(3) review and comment on the plan submitted pursuant to section 356(h) and submit such comments to the Secretary; "(4) measure progress on meeting the goals and objectives established pursuant to paragraph (2)(A); "(5) recommend model systems for implementing and coordinating State literacy programs for replication at the local level; "(6) develop reporting requirements, standards for outcomes, performance measures, and program effectiveness in State programs, that are consistent with those proposed by the Interagency Task Force on Literacy; and". (e) STATE PLAN. —Subsection (c) of section 342 of the Adult Education Act (20 U.S.C. 1206a) is amended— (1) by amending paragraph (1) to read as follows: "(1) describe and provide for the fulfillment of the literacy needs of individuals in the State;"; (2) by striking paragraph (9); (3) by redesignating paragraphs (2) through (8) as paragraphs (3) through (9), respectively; (4) by inserting after paragraph (1) the following: "(2) set forth measurable goals for improving literacy levels, retention in literacy programs, and long-term learning gains of individuals in the State and describe a comprehensive approach for achieving such goals, including the development of indicators of program quality as required by section 331(a)(2);"; (5) in paragraph (4) (as redesignated by paragraph (3) of this section)— (A) by striking "the use of and inserting "coordination by"; (B) by striking "other than" and inserting "including"; and (C) by striking "such as" the second place such term appears; (6) by striking "and" at the end of paragraph (12); (7) by striking the period at the end of paragraph (13) and inserting a semicolon; and (8) by adding at the end the following: "(14) report the amount of administrative funds spent on program improvements; and "(15) contain assurances that financial assistance provided pursuant to this title shall be used to assist and expand existing programs and to develop new programs for adults whose lack of basic skills— "(A) renders them unemployable;