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PUBLIC LAW 102-110—OCT. 1, 1991 105 STAT. 557 (d) EFFECTIVE DATE. —This section shall take effect 60 days after 8 USC lioi the date of the enactment of this Act. "°*®- SEC. 3. DELAY UNTIL APRIL 1, 1992, IN IMPLEMENTATION OF PROVISIONS 8 USC 1101 RELATING TO O AND P NONIMMIGRANTS. ^°^- Section 214(g)(1)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act shall not apply to the issuance of visas or provision of status before April 1, 1992. Aliens seeking nonimmigrant admission as artists, athletes, entertainers, or fashion models (or for the purpose of accompanying or assisting in an artistic or athletic performance) before April 1, 1992, shall not be admitted under subparagraph (0)(i), (O)(ii), (P)(i), or (P)(iii) of section 101(a)(15) of such Act, but may be admitted under the terms of subparagraph (H)(i)(b) of such section (as in effect on September 30, 1991). SEC. 4. CONTINUATION OF DERIVATIVE STATUS FOR SPOUSES AND CHIL- DREN OF THIRD AND SIXTH PREFERENCE IMMIGRANTS; DEEMED CONTINUED EFFECTIVENESS OF CERTAIN EMPLOY- MENT-BASED PETITIONS. Effective as if included in the Immigration Act of 1990, section Effective date. 161(c) of such Act is amended by adding at the end the following new 8 USC llOl paragraphs: note. "(3) In the case of an alien who is described in section 203(a)(8) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (as in effect before October 1, 1991) as the spouse or child of an alien described in section 203(a)(3) or 203(a)(6) of such Act and who would be entitled to enter the United States under such section 203(a)(8) but for the amendments made by this section, such an alien shall be deemed to be described in section 203(d) of such Act as the spouse or child an an alien described in section 203(b)(2) or 203(b)(3)(A)(i), respectively, of such Act with the same priority date as that of the principal alien. "(4)(A) Subject to subparagraph (B), any petition filed before October 1, 1991, and approved on any date, to accord status under section 203(a)(3) or 203(a)(6) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (as in effect before such date) shall be deemed, on and after October 1, 1991 (or, if later, the date of such approval), to be a petition approved to accord status under section 203(b)(2) or under the appropriate classification under section 203(b)(3), respectively, of such Act (as in effect on and after such date). Nothing in this subparagraph shall be construed as exempting the beneficiaries of such petitions from the numerical limitations under section 203(b)(2) or 203(b)(3) of such Act. "(B) Subparagraph (A) shall not apply more than two years after the date the priority date for issuance of a visa on the basis of such a petition has been reached.".