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105 STAT. 636 PUBLIC LAW 102-135—OCT. 24, 1991 (c) REPORTS.— (1) The Academy shall submit to the Secretary and to the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service of the House of Representatives and the committee on Governmental Affairs of the Senate— (A) within 18 months after the date on which a contract is entered into under subsection (a), an interim report on its activities under this Act; and (B) within 36 months after the date on which a contract is entered into under subsection (a), a final report which shall include a detailed statement of the Academy's findings and conclusions, as well as recommendations for any legislation or administrative action which the Academy considers appropriate. (2) With respect to each alternative proposed or discussed in its final report, the Academy shall include— (A) an evaluation of such alternative's relative advantages and disadvantages, as well as an analysis of its cost effectiveness; and (B) for any alternative that does not involve the direct collection of data from individuals (about themselves or members of their household), an analysis of such alternative's potential effects on— (i) privacy; (ii) public confidence in the census; and (iii) the integrity of the census. Approved October 24, 1991. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 3280: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 102-227 (Comm. on Post Office and Civil Service). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 137 (1991): Sept. 30, considered and passed House. Oct. 3, considered and passed Senate, amended. Oct. 9, House concurred in Senate amendments.