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105 STAT. 686 PUBLIC LAW 102-138—OCT. 28, 1991 "(b) NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION. — Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, the requirement for the National Archives and Records Administration to provide access to, and copies of, records to the Department of State for the FRUS series shall be governed by chapter 21 of title 44, United States Code, by any agreement concluded between the Department of State and the National Archives and Records Administration, and, in the case of Presidential records, by section 2204 of such title. 22 USC 4353. "SEC. 403. PROCEDURES FOR IDENTIFYING RECORDS FOR THE FRUS SERIES; DECLASSIFICATION, REVISIONS, AND SUMMARIES. "(a) DEVELOPMENT OF PROCEDURES. — Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this title, each department, agency, or other entity of the United States Government engaged in foreign policy formulation, execution, or support shall develop procedures for its historical office (or a designated individual in the event that there is no historical office)— "(1) to coordinate with the State Department's Office of the Historian in selecting records for possible inclusion in the FRUS series; "(2) to permit full access to the original, unrevised records by such individuals holding appropriate security clearances as have been designated by the Historian as liaison to that department, agency, or entity, for purposes of this title, and by members of the Advisory Committee; and "(3) to permit access to specific types of records not selected for inclusion in the FRUS series by the individuals identified in paragraph (2) when requested by the Historian in order to confirm that records selected by that department, agency, or entity accurately represent the policymaking process reflected in the relevant part of the FRUS series. "(b) DECLASSIFICATION REVIEW.— "(1) Subject to the provisions of this subsection, records selected by the Historian for inclusion in the FRUS series shall be submitted to the respective originating agency for declassification review in accordance with that agency's procedures for such review, except that such declassification review shall be completed by the originating agency within 120 days after such records are submitted for review. If the originating agency determines that any such record is not declassifiable because of a continuing need to protect sources and methods for the collection of intelligence information or to protect other sensitive national security information, then the originating agency shall attempt to make such deletions in the text as will make the record declassifiable. "(2) If the Historian determines that the meaning of the records proposed for inclusion in a volume of the FRUS series would be so altered or changed by deletions made under paragraph (1) that publication in that condition could be misleading or lead to an inaccurate or incomplete historical record, then the Historian shall take steps to achieve a satisfactory resolution of the problem with the originating agency. Within 60 days of receiving a proposed solution from the Historian, the originating agency shall furnish the Historian a written response agreeing to the solution or explaining the reasons for the alteration or deletion.